Chelsey and Michael

How We Met

Me and some friends were on our way to Mardi Gras senior year of high school. They told me they had someone for me to go prom with! They told me his name and I told them I knew of him but never spoke to him. They told me he was really sweet and it would be fun! We get to the parade and Michael was there with his friends. They introduce us and we have small talk, both of us clearly shy and nervous. He asked for my number and I make him put it in his flip phone since I didn’t know how to use his phone. Little did I know I was meeting my future husband! We texted each other throughout the week and two weeks later he came see me and my family at Dauphin Island. We were there for the day to hang out. We were saying our goodbyes at the pier when he asked me to be his girlfriend! I was so excited! Six months later he moved away for college, which was hard but well worth it!

how they asked

My best friend was already engaged so she and Michael came up with this idea to make me think I was going to a bridal show for her. Michael made a fake invitation on photoshop and gave it to her with the date, time, and place (it looked real). She cut out ads and placed them all on her door and sent me a picture saying we had to go! They also convinced me she was now into photography so it wouldn’t be weird when she was there with a camera. The day of the “bridal show” my sister and best friend come over and they help me get ready! On the way there I confessed I had seen a text message between Michael and my best friend Paige and him proposing that day but since we were in Fairhope and he was in Mobile I told them I knew it wouldn’t happen today or if he would ever do it. Paige tells me we were early for the event and we should take pictures at the Fairhope Bluff! I happily agree not knowing that my soon to be fiancé was already there hiding behind a tree with my parents in tow! Paige gets me and my twin sister to face away from her so she can get us staring off into the sunset.

Chelsey's Proposal in Fairhope Bluff

I had no idea that was Michael’s que to get into position! I glance over my shoulder and see someone kneeling next to Paige. It took him saying “hey” for me to realize it was him! He asked me to marry him and through hysterical sobbing I said YES! I couldn’t believe he had planned all that for me! We went out to dinner and he had rented a special room and surprised me further with all of my family and friends there to celebrate with us! I am one lucky girl!

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Chelsey and Michael's Engagement in Fairhope Bluff

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