Chelsey and Luke

Image 3 of Chelsey and Luke

How We Met

Luke and I met on a dating site, go figure! We both had previously got out of very long term relationships and were new to the online dating scene. We actually had never been on a date with someone from the site, so we were both our firsts. And let me tell you when I first saw him as I was walking up to our first date, I couldn’t believe I had gone my 26 years of life without him in it. It was undeniably love at first sight. The entire night the conversation just flowed and it felt like we had known each other forever. From that point on, we were inseparable.

Image 1 of Chelsey and Luke

How They Asked

We had been dating for about a year when COVID-19 hit and apparently ruined Luke’s plans. He had initially wanted to propose in March 2020 but everything was on pause while we self-quarantined and did our part to keep ourselves and our families healthy and safe. Then around June 2020, Luke had this idea to do a little getaway to Sedona since we live in Tempe, Arizona and it wasn’t that far away. After some hesitation, I agreed and he made all the plans!

Image 2 of Chelsey and Luke

I can honestly say I went into having no idea that he even had a ring or wanted to ask me at all, I just thought he wanted to get away since we were getting stir crazy at home. Fast forward to our trip, it was beyond perfect and magical but each day went by and he didn’t ask. Finally, on our last night in Sedona, he suggested that we go on a small hike to catch the sunset on the Red Rocks, which I was all for.

Image 4 of Chelsey and Luke

We hiked to this small landing where the view was breathtaking. He told me to turn around so he could get a picture of me with the sunset and rocks behind me and the next thing I know he is on one knee asking me to marry him. He cried and I cried, it just felt so right. And at that moment, the clouds opened up and it felt like my mom in heaven had a front-row seat to the start of the rest of our lives.

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