Chelsey and David

How We Met

Dave and I met 4 years ago, we live in a smaller town so we knew of each other but never really knew each other. I had just moved home from my first semester on university and was not looking for a relatonship of any kind. He kept seeing me out with friends and we would talk and I would kinda just be short and not be in erected (crazy me, he’s beautiful!!!) And after 3 or 4 nights of running into each other, he finally asked for my number.. which I refused to give. A couple more weeks passed of running into each other and I thought, well seriously how bad can he be?! Flash forward 4 years…. here we are!!

how they asked

Every summer we go camping in the mountains, we are big outdoorsy kind of people and love the mountains. We were with some friends and went for an evening walk by the athabasca river and I was getting tired. I told the boys to keep going and I would catch up, so I sat on this rock and was just taking in the view (my back to Dave anf everyone else) .. one of our friends had asked for my phone to take a picture of the view so I tossed him my phone. I had turned back around to sit in peace when I heard my name again and there was Dave, on one knee full of tears. I started crying and the first (and only thing) I remember Dave saying was “I don’t have a ring for you but I don’t care”. And he said all the stuff mushy guys say when they propose and I of course said yes. He kept telling me after that he wasn’t planning on doing it then but I looked too perfect not to. He had a ring it just wasn’t finished being made yet.