Chelsey and Chris

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How We Met

Chris and I met almost 4 years ago on a blind date. My first and only blind date as it turns out! I worked with Chris’ older sister who did a little matchmaking. I remember sitting with some of my best childhood friends at a party when I got a text from her with a picture of two good looking guys from her asking me “Would you want to go out on a date with the guy on the right?” Little did I know but Chris was sitting there right next to her scheming in the plan. It was his idea to lock in a date and time right then otherwise he thought the date would never actually happen (he’s in sales so that’s his mentality for a lot of things. Lock in that deal). So he locked the date and time down. December 30th, 7:30 pm at a landmark dessert and drink bar in Atlanta.

Nervous for the big night to come, he sent me a message beforehand saying how excited he was to meet me. To be honest, I was so nervous because 1) a blind date was foreign to me since I had never been on one and 2) I found out after I agreed to go on the date that he was actually my co-workers brother! Regardless, I left early for the date to make sure I arrived on time keeping the mindset that I could always use more friends if it doesn’t work out. Turns out, Chris did the same thing. I remember walking into the restaurant checking out the infamous cakes when you walk in, trying to look around for someone who might be looking for me. To this day I can still picture him sitting in a far window with the streetlights glowing on him when he stood up, walked my way and said, “You must be Chelsey.” I was wooed immediately! The night only got better and unlike what I was anticipating with a blind date, there were no awkward moments and the night flowed so perfectly.

That was the night our love story began. We dated for just about 4 years when my next favorite moment happened.

how they asked

We had a trip to Florida planned with two of our best friends right before Thanksgiving break. We had been looking forward to the trip for months. I found out a couple days before that the other couple was going to come down to the beach a day later, leaving Chris and I with one night to ourselves.

When we got to our hotel I was shocked when we opened to the door to an incredible suite— the Presidential Suite. I was wide-eyed so Chris explained that he saw it was available online the night before so asked for a free upgrade (sales guy, remember). So we unpacked and Chris said to put on some athletic/ comfy clothes. I was sure he was taking me biking because that’s my favorite beach activity. But when we got off the elevator he whisked me into the hotel Spa. I quickly found out that Chris had something up his sleeve, including a couple’s massage! After our massage he pampered me even more and I got a manicure while he went back up to the room.

I went back up to the room shortly after Chris. I opened the door to find a reserve bottle of my favorite Veuve champagne, a box of Godiva chocolates and a vase full of 12 massive red roses. He told me we were celebrating us and to quickly get ready so we could watch the sunset before going to dinner (a tradition of ours for the past 4 years). The sunset was amazing from our balcony but we decided to go watch it from the beach since we hadn’t been to the beach yet since we arrived.

I was splashing around in the water when we grabbed me and gave me a really long kiss. I started getting suspicious. Before I knew it, he turned me to face him right by the water with the sun setting behind us.

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He didn’t shake, he wasn’t stressed – He was beaming! His proposal was perfect! He got down on a knee, opened a box with the ring of my dreams sparkling inside, I cried and said “yes” in an instant.

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A couple minutes later he turned me to see our photographer and a coordinator walking down the boardwalk with 12 pink balloons.

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Pink balloons are a symbol in my family for happiness and living in the moment.

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He gave me the pink balloons and told me that he wanted to release each balloon by us telling the other one wish for our marriage together. The balloons were all tangled together from the beach wind so we ended up sharing with each other the wishes we have for our marriage ahead and let the balloons go together. It was a moment we will never forget. And we will look back at those wishes throughout our marriage as reminders.

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The day was not over though. Chris took me to an amazing dinner at “Fish out of Water” down at Water color on 30A. Chris had created a personalized tasting menu for us with a symbolic bottle of wine for us to drink. Everyone at the restaurant that night signed our special menu so we can frame that as a keepsake.

The night was perfect. The proposal was perfect. And we can’t wait for our love to continue.

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Special Thanks

Sonja Revells
 | photographer
San Destin Hilton
 | hotel concierge