Chelsey and Brett

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How We Met

Brett and I met 4 ½ years ago at an internship in Florida and found ourselves in a summer romance. He was from Texas, and I was an Indiana girl. Both of us were attending college in our home states and didn’t expect this to turn into a long-distance relationship.

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Nevertheless, we took a leap of faith and continued dating after the summer. We were head over heels for each other, and the distance was absolutely worth it. I graduated 2 years later and made the move to TX because I knew Brett was the one.

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how they asked

At first, I was homesick being so far away from my family. Brett helped cure my homesick heart with a weekend getaway to Fredericksburg, TX. This gorgeous wine country made me fall deeply in love with my new home state, and it became a tradition with our friends to visit here every fall. Fast forward to October 21, 2017: Brett and I were on our annual Fredericksburg trip with friends, enjoying a lovely vineyard. An employee pulled Brett and me aside, guiding us into the grapevines while trying to sell us a wine club membership. Little did I know, Brett had this planned the entire time to get me into the vines without suspicion.

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This is where he dropped down on one knee and asked me to be his wife. A hidden photographer was able to capture this beautiful moment. But sure enough, there were still more plot twists yet to come. Brett organized my family from Indiana, friends from Colorado, Louisiana, & Houston, and his parents to all fly/drive into Fredericksburg for one big surprise!

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I broke down in tears when everyone near & dear to my heart arrived at the vineyard to celebrate our engagement. I couldn’t believe my loved ones travelled so far (some across the country!) to share this special moment.

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Brett knew how much it meant to me to have my family & friends there. I was moved by how much thought/planning Brett put into the proposal, and I’m so blessed to have such amazing people in my life. My fiancé has the biggest heart, and I cannot wait to call this man my husband!

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Special Thanks

Juan Gonzalez
 | Photographer
Rupa Ramamurthi
 | Planning