Chelsey and Brandon

Image 1 of Chelsey and Brandon

Brandon and I met in an economics class at Bowling Green State University. knowing that I am not the greatest student, I sat in the front row of the class to ensure I would at least pass. Fast forward to 3 weeks into the course, I realized that I had no clue what was going on. Fearful that the professor would call upon me to answer a question, I knew I needed to move seats. I moved to the middle of the the the lecture room and sat down in what happened to be Brandon’s seat. Brandon walked to his seat, of course confused why I have broke the unspoken rule of ‘not switching seats after the second week of class’. He kindly left a space in between and sat down. The professor then made the announcement that we would be having a pop quiz and that we needed to get with a partner. Long story short, unbeknownst to him he would not only be my partner for that pop quiz, but my partner for life.

Image 2 of Chelsey and Brandon

Brandon was a basketball player at the university and I was a cheerleader, so BGSU played a huge part in our relationship and holds dear place in our hearts. It only made since that would would have our engagement at the university. Brandon told me he was going to visit the school on the weekend because he had a meeting in one of the offices, so of course I wanted to make the trip to see friends who were still there. We made a point to go to one of our favorite restaurants there, which happens to be the place of our first date. After dinner, one of his old teammates calls to ask if we can pick him up at the basketball arena. We get the basketball arena and Brandon tells me how he wants to go inside and check out his old locker. When we walk in, we’re greeted by his old teammate in which he tells us to check out the court to “see what they did for senior night”. A trail of rose petals and a rose petal heart on the court, that couldn’t be for the seniors…

Image 3 of Chelsey and Brandon

Image 4 of Chelsey and Brandon