Chelsea and Jake

How We Met: We met our freshmen year at Central Michigan University. Jake roomed blindly in the dorms with one of my good high school friends. Freshmen year, we became the best of friends. Come to find out, Jake’s dad lived in my dorm room many years before! Jake expressed feelings for me that year, but I wasn’t interested and didn’t want to ruin a friendship. After being best friends for a year, we returned to college and I discovered feelings for him too. From there, we were inseparable, even through Jake’s 9 month deployment to Iraq, my 6 month internship in Washington DC, and my continuation in graduate school after he completed college. This is our first picture together at a football game: Image 1 of Chelsea and Jake

Jake’s return from his 9 month deployment in Iraq was one of the best moments.

Image 2 of Chelsea and Jake
how they asked: After dating for 5 years, we knew it would happen eventually, but I figured it wouldn’t be until after my graduation from graduate school in May 2015, or close to then. Jake is a an avid hunter. Obsessed actually. I picked it up last year to try something new and something Jake enjoys so much. I had just finished 2 weeks of living hell at school…full of quizzes, projects, and exams. I was exhausted and told multiple friends “I am not going on any morning hunts this weekend…I’m too tired and want to sleep in.” Well Saturday morning came and Jake woke me up bright and early for the morning hunt. I groaned, but wanted to go, so I went. Sitting in the deer blind, I was nodding off to sleep, and we didn’t even see a deer the whole morning. Jake was frantically texting on his phone that morning, which is unlike him. He then said his mom had to borrow his truck to load and transport things and we would have to wait until she was done to leave. I thought nothing of it. He then said she was done and it was time to leave. Exiting the deer blind, I spotted his mom right around the corner, but thought “Oh, she brought the truck back to us in the woods so we didn’t have to walk so far, how nice!” but when I turned around to tell Jake his mom was there, Jake was down on one knee. After I said, “Is this for real? Are you serious?” she said, “Yes of course!” All along, his mom was there to take pictures and capture the moment, which was all Jake’s planning. Jake asked for my dad’s permission the weekend before, and completely surprised me since I wasn’t expecting it for awhile. He wanted to propose at his favorite place, his hunting spot:

Image 3 of Chelsea and JakeI didn’t even mind the paint on our faces and camo clothing:

Image 4 of Chelsea and JakeImage 5 of Chelsea and Jake