Chelsea and Blaine

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How We Met

Blaine and I grew up less than 10 miles from each-other and while we had mutual friends, we had never actually met. It wasn’t until our sophomore year at Purdue that we bumped into each-other at a party. Blaine was wearing the tightest cutoff jean shorts I had ever seen in my life that I thought they might be painted on. His confidence in them was unreal (seriously, they were SO tight). We went our separate ways after meeting but as the night went on and I got to see how funny of a person he was, he was totally stuck in my mind–but more of a “I’d like that guy to be my friend. He’s hilarious.” My version: we later bumped into each-other again at the gym, started texting each-other funny memes and keeping each-other laughing, and eventually became study partners (still remaining friends in my mind).

His version (and I’m not making this up, this is what he tells anyone who asks): he saw me, he had to have me, he felt like I was different and he wanted to marry me. From there, Blaine kept pursuing me. I wasn’t sure a jokester like him could make a serious boyfriend so even though I was secretly crazy about him, I fully resisted. But he never gave up–he would show up unexpectedly outside of my apartment in the early hours with coffee and drive me to my first class even though I knew he didn’t get any sleep the night before. He was always there and always pursuing. Eventually I gave in. Best decision ever.

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how they asked

In 2014, Blaine landed a wonderful job in Upstate NY. Since I still had 1 year left of nursing school, we did the long distance thing for a year. Everyone doubted us. We never once did. In May 2015, I packed up and moved to NY the day after graduation. In August I started my first “big girl job” and we bought our first house together. Our lives were moving forward very quickly but the winter in Upstate NY was not. He planned us a trip to Puerto Rico to escape the long winter. The day we left, it was snowing so hard that we could hardly even find the airport parking lot. We spent the first few days sliding down waterfalls, eating great food, cruising around in our golf cart, and of course soaking in the rays. On February 21st, we decided to go snorkeling. We took a boat ride to Cayo Icacos and jumped in to swim to the island so we could explore the land before the water.

There was no one on the beach. It was so peaceful and so gorgeous. The only sounds being the waves and the crabs shuffling back to their hiding places. While I was taking in the stunning views, Blaine was doing his own thing (setting up a camera in the sand). I felt his hand grab mine and turned around to see him on one knee asking me to be his wife.

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He opened the box and I was blown away by the beauty of the jewelry he had picked out for me. After hugging him for what felt like forever, an elderly couple walked by us hand-in-hand with smiles *almost* as big as mine. We were the only 4 people on the island at the time. Then we went and celebrated with the sea creatures! What a day!

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