Chelsea and Zachary

10391497_1249760397627_7034630_nHow We Met: Zach and I were set up as homecoming dates. At first, we started off as friends, but the thing is I was living in Dallas and he was living in Houston. I’m from Houston, but I moved to Dallas when I was 16. Anyway, as we got to know each other, we fell in love and gave each other a shot, but then I had second thoughts about it and broke it off. We didn’t speak or saw each other until the day of the homecoming dance. When we saw each other on that very day, I knew I made a huge mistake on ending our relationship. I wanted to give him another chance, so I asked him if we can give each other a second chance. He said yes, and we’ve been dating ever since. We’ve been dating for about six and half years.

how they asked: Zach’s parents bought two tickets for a cruise for the summer and it was the Carnival Triumph and it was a six day cruise. On Tuesday, it was elegant night and we got all dressed up for the night. We went to have dinner at the formal dining room that they have on the cruise. After having dinner, we went back to our cabin to freshen up, and then we headed to the theater because we were going to a late night performance. When we got to the theater, we sat on the third row by the stage. Before the show, Zach took off my promise ring that he gave me as a gift on our first year anniversary. He puts the ring on his pinky finger and it he couldn’t take it off. I was so upset and told him, “You need to find a way to take it off!” He leaves the theater to go to the restroom, and then comes back a few minutes later and the ring is still on his pinky ring.10415587_10203215530282573_2031751569717707387_n He said, “We’ll deal with it later after the show.” So the cruise director comes up on stage and asked the full house guests, “Who wants to win a free bottle of cheap champagne?” Everybody cheered and clapped. She said, “We picked out a random cabin number and when I call out the cabin room, come up to the stage.” I look at the full house theater and said to myself, “There’s a one and a million chance that we’ll win.” Now just giving a heads up, our cabin number was 7-349. She calls out, “It’s on the seventh floor!” I got a little bit excited, because that was our floor. “The last three digits of the number is 349!!” I jumped up and screamed. I couldn’t believe that we won. Zach and I rushed up to the stage, but the cruise director stops us at the stairs. She asked us our names and where we’re from. “Are you guys enjoying your cruise?” We both said yes, and then she said, “Well Zach, is there something you want to say to Chelsea?” I look at her and back at Zach, confused on what they’re talking about. Zach takes the microphone from the cruise director, holding one of my hands, and strokes my hand with his thumb, and he said, “Baby? We have been dating for 6 years. You’ve been a blessing in my life and the love of my life. I just have one question to asks you.” He gets on one knee, still holding my hand and asks, “Will you marry me?” Everybody in the theater cheered, clapped, and screamed after he popped the question. I couldn’t believe it and I immediately nod my head, screaming yes! He puts the ring on and everybody cheered away. We kept the bottle of champagne along with a plate of white and milk chocolate covered strawberries.