Chelsea and Will

How We Met

We grew up a mile apart and didn’t even know it until we reconnected through mutual friends in college. It took 20 years to figure out that the person I needed to spend my life with was my neighbor, but she was well worth the wait. It was a holiday party in our junior year of college, I was home for the holidays in Denton and she was living there and going to UNT. She walked in on the arm of one of my best friends, but at that moment, I’m sure I wasn’t the only one who was looking at her. The party was great, everyone had a blast, I went back to college and she went on in her relationship and in her life. Fast forward through graduation, moves to Oklahoma City, Fort Worth and back to Denton for me and moves to Roanoke then Seattle for her and a simple “Happy Birthday” got this ball rolling. Chelsea reached out to wish me happy birthday on April 20, 2018 and somehow we did the most millennial thing in history and fell in love through FaceTime, texting and phone calls at all hours. By July, Chelsea was ready to come back to Texas and I had a house ready for a couple to make their own. I flew to Seattle on July, 9, 2018, she picked me up from the airport and took me to breakfast with her best friends. It was a goodbye breakfast because we got in the car after breakfast and started driving south to Texas. We made it Aspen the next morning after driving all night, slept a few hours at my aunt and uncle’s place (the first of my family she would meet, 10 total counting all the cousins) and then got up and drove the remaining 13 hours to Denton, Texas. Chelsea and I crossed half the country and moved into our home in 48 hours. We’ve learned a lot in the last year and a half, about living with each other, about living without each other and coming to the conclusion that we didn’t ever want to do that. So here we are, engaged and ecstatic about it. She is my best friend and I can’t imagine being loved more completely and spending my life trying to make up for how far I have out-kicked my coverage with her.

how they asked

I have a friend who’s daughter is an accomplished singer and musician and a girlfriend who loves wine and music. A pretty great starting template for a proposal if you ask me. I reached out to Layne Poliseno to see if she would sing for my proposal, and if she would learn ILYSB by Chlara. Thankfully she said yes! I then had to secure a venue, so I called her favorite wine bar, Cru, in the Shops at Legacy. The manager there was fantastic and was completely on board. So it was all set, I’d have a singer singing one of her favorite songs while she drank her favorite wine. She deserved more. So I hired a photographer to make sure the best moments of the night were able to be kept forever. Now the biggest challenge, to let her family and mine in on the secret and hope that nobody spoils the surprise. I managed to schedule the proposal on a weekend when everyone that needed to be there would be available, Friday, October 5th. The plan was for Layne to play like any other show, any songs she wanted, in whatever order worked for her, Chelsea and I would come, sit down and watch like we would on any other night. Our photographer would pretend to take photos of Layne and the venue but in all actuality she was sneaking photos of us, and setting the stage for the proposal to come. Finally, the time came and Layne announced that she had a song that was a “special request.” She started playing ILYSB and Chelsea immediately got emotional, “how does she know this song?!” “Are you serious?!” I got down on a knee during the chorus and asked my best friend to give me the opportunity and the honor to be her husband. Shocked, surprised and beautiful as always, she said yes! The camera was finally trained on us, and the surprises came undone. She realized that the show, the photographer and the night was all for her. We strolled down the sidewalk outside the restaurant, took some more pictures and talked about how much we wished our families were there. Little did she know that I had texted our families who were at the bar around the corner to head to Cru. We had no sooner sat back down at our table when over Chelsea’s shoulder, her mom walked in along with her brother and dad, my parents, grandparents and younger brother. A night that started for the two of us, became a life together that we got to share with our families. The night continued with more pictures, more wine and more fun. It went perfectly and I couldn’t be more thankful for everyone that made it so special.

Chelsea's Proposal in Cru Wine Bar, Shops at Legacy

Special Thanks

Brianna Dickson