Chelsea and Wes

How We Met

Our unique love story can be traced back to the beginning when the initial spark occurred thanks to one simple computer IT work order. I am a pediatric nurse at a hospital where Wes, my fiancé, is a tech in the IT department. I remember the very day he walked up to the nurses’ station and all the nurses started smiling and said how handsome he was. Wes was assigned to cover our floor and was the one to handle all of our computer issues. I was most often volunteered to put in the work orders because honestly nobody really wants to deal with it and most don’t know the process. I became the point person when Wes came to the floor to discuss our problems. The other nurses started to tease me that he was obviously sweet on me to which I would just roll my eyes and laugh.

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Chelsea and Wes's Engagement in RockinB 88 Ranch

One day I decided to ask if he was dating anyone because, to be honest, I’ve never been shy and all of the girls were asking. As the holiday season approached, our friendship continued to flourish. Thanks to SnapChat and lovely technology of texting, were in constant communication from that day forward. Wes kept bringing up the idea of going to church and having me experience a deeper (which at that time was non-existent) relationship with God. We finally planned a Sunday– we set it for January 29th – and I was petrified. Our love story truly blossomed after that with Wes baptizing me in February and my receiving the Holy Spirit in March. March…that takes us to the next step, the “officially” dating chapter. Fast forward to November through the memories, dates, pizza rolls, and disagreements – and then we took the next biggest step in our relationship.

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how they asked

The events leading up to this special day started on a Saturday night. From working several nights in a row I was tired and fussy (I will never admit that again). Wes’s mom, Shanna, texted me asking if I would like to get a pedicure after church the next day. Now I’m not typically one to turn down a pedicure, but I know some of yall feel me when you just want to sit next to your other half and watch a movie or just chill. I politely declined and told Wes about this conversation: he tried to be sweet and persuasive saying I deserved a break and could use some me time even adding that he would pay for the pedicure.

Ultimately I just wasn’t in the mood and I was tired and stubborn and continued to refuse which ended up ruining our night with my behavior. Sunday morning his dad approached me at church also encouraging me to get this pedicure. In my mind for the sake of avoiding antagonizing my likely future in-laws, I decided to place nice and gave in. After a quick meal after church, Shanna and I went our own way to the nail salon. I was still a bit irritated during the pedicure and became more so when there were no texts from West/ After we were done, Shanna asked if I minded stopping by the cell phone store and since she seldom asks for anything I said sure. After the phone store, she needed to run into the shoe store since it was right next door. At this point, I’m trying to play it cool and not become overly aggravated.

My one day off for the week, and I had not only not spent any time with Wes, I hadn’t even talked to him. After the shoe store we had to run into Home Depot, and then a quick stop at the grocery store. At this point, I am fuming and had decided to go home immediately after dinner at his house because I was so annoyed. We FINALLY get to his parents’ house and all I want is to change into casual clothes and use the bathroom. I reach my car to get my clothes and Paul, Wes’s dad, asks what I’m doing. I explained that I was going to change.

Paul asked that I wait to change, and at this point, I still hadn’t seen Wes, so in a snippy tone, I asked if I could AT LEAST go to the bathroom. A Cranky and hangry girl came out for a minute! Paul then asked that I get some shoes on as there was something he wanted to show me out on the farm. He then asked if I would be comfortable with being blindfolded because we had a bit of a walk. Now at this point, I thought something was really sketchy but decided to roll with it because I was such a pain about the pedicure fiasco. As we started walking out through the field I hear a puppy barking and inside I can feel my head explode with tiny bubbles of heart and joy.

I remember thinking, “He got me a puppy for an early Christmas present, I TOTALLY forgive him for today.” Well, ladies and gents. It wasn’t a puppy. Paul told me to stand still for a second and walks off. I’m literally standing in darkness. In a field. With nothing but the sound of a faint dog and the whistling of leaves on the ground. I felt like I was in Children of the Corn or some other scary movie. Paul shouts at me to take my blindfold off and all of the sudden I look up and there are lights strung down a path leading to a sweet little white canopy with a bistro set and candles. There in front of me is my handsome man. As he walks up to me, I immediately burst in tears and tell him I’ve been so mad at him all day – he laughs cause he knew it was coming and that’s how I would be.

He walks me down to the sweet canopy and has me sit at the bistro set with candles. He pulls out a piece of paper from his coat jacket and reads me this sweet letter. (Luckily he gave it to me afterward cause I was boo-hooing so bad at this point I couldn’t tell you WHAT it said!) Finally, he gets down on one knee and asks if I will spend my forever with him, it was surreal. I was beyond shocked that I didn’t even look at the ring for like 10 minutes and boy was it GORGEOUS. He picked it out perfectly, it amazes me how well he knows me. That night he also had another surprise for me, he knew the most important thing for me on my wedding day was to have @BlackallPhotography be our photographer.

He already booked a date with her and that night our wedding date was announced! It has thus far been such a crazy fun ride, I cannot imagine doing life with anyone else by my side. Another fun fact about the wedding: remember that girl I tried to set Wes up with from the previous story? Yea she’s one of my closest friends and will be a bridesmaid on our special day! Makes me laugh every time, such a crazy ride.

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