Chelsea and Tyler


How We Met

Tyler and I met whenever we were fourteen years old. We actually met on the very first day of high school in our freshman English class. I of course thought that he was super cute and decided to walk straight on up to him and introduce myself. I said my name is Chelsea Carter and I stuck out my hand to shake his. From that day on, I sat right behind him every day in class. It only took a few weeks for us to begin dating and we have been together ever since!


how they asked

Friday, August 12th, 2016, was by far the best day of my life so far! It all started with a phone call at seven in the morning. Tyler was calling me to tell me to go and check my front porch and call him back if I had any questions after. That definitely got me to wake up and if you know me, you know that I am the polar opposite of a morning person! On the front porch was a bag of donut holes, pretty flowers, an umbrella with paw prints (everyone knows I love puppies!), and my first clue for the day. My first clue said that today was going to be a surprise and that the entire day was planned out like a scavenger hunt. It also said that I had to have my hair and make-up done before I went and got my nails done.

I had already planned to get my nails done with my friend Michelle the day before. Unbeknown to me, Tyler and her had already had that planned out. Sneaky!! After we were done, she gave me clue two. The second clue told me to go and run my normal errands for the day and then head back home and get ready for a night out and to dress in something that will look good in a lot of pictures! By that point I got to thinking what is really going on today? After I was ready, he said to go to Gigi’s cupcakes at four forty-five. I walk into Gigi’s and tell them my name and they hand me a box of cupcakes with clue number three taped to the top of the box. It said I needed to meet him by the bridge in Bricktown, which is in Oklahoma City, by five forty-five.

At this point I had not seen him all day and I could not wait to get too! I park and call him and he gets to my car and then we just start to enjoy our evening and walk around for a little bit. We ended up going to our favorite sushi restaurant, In The Raw, and having a nice dinner and dessert. It was super yummy! Tyler said he was going to go to the bathroom but then ten minutes passed and I started to wonder some more what was really going on. Our waitress for the evening then brought me my fourth clue. It said that it had probably been a while since I had last seen him and that was because he was already on his way to the Myriad Botanical Gardens and that I should drive and meet him there.

He said that he had a love story to tell me about… At that point I completely lost it and started crying! I got in my car and drove as fast as I could to meet him. There is a reflection pool in the middle of the gardens and we both walked down either sides of it and met in the middle. He grabbed my hand and took me on a walk throughout the gardens where we eventually ended up under a beautiful gazebo. He put both of my hands in his and told me how he has loved me since the day we met plus more that I honestly don’t remember because it is all such a blur and got down on one knee and proposed.


We both had tears in our eyes and I said yes!!!



My ring is so special to me! The diamond is the same diamond that was in my Grannee and Papa’s first wedding ring.


Special Thanks

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