Chelsea and Tyler

Image 3 of Chelsea and Tyler

How we met: Tyler and I met in high school! I was a Junior starting at a brand new high school and Tyler was a Senior. We were in the same Spanish II class at Jesse C Carson. After school I would come home and check my MySpace account (yes, MySpace) and get notifications that Tyler commented on my pictures saying “you’re beautiful” “hot” etc. One day I get a message asking how the Spanish project was going. That conversation lead to him getting my number. He was definitely trying to impress me. I remember asking him what ethnicity he was and he response was “Hawaiian” I laughed knowing he wasn’t. He’s Filipino.

Our first couple of dates consisted of the usual teenager dates such as; friday night football games, the nearby fairs in town, movies, and driving around in his truck going no where but just having awesome conversations. I knew I wanted to continue going on dates and seeing what was going to happen next with us. We hit it off instantly. Just a couple weeks of knowing each other, we started dating. I remember when he brought me to his truck after school in the parking lot and asked me to be his girlfriend. It didn’t feel like the normal “high school” dating, it felt real as cheesy as it sounds.

how they asked: Let’s fast forward a few years. I always dreamed of getting engaged and having the perfect wedding but it seemed like everyone else was getting engaged/married before us. I got discouraged and down at times but Tyler always told me our time would come. I started to hate to hear the words “it’ll happen soon” “your time will come” “you’re still young”. I was ready whenever Tyler was. I knew he was the one and I wanted it to happen “soon”.

Anytime we went on a vacation, random trips, date nights I would always hear “he’s going to ask you this weekend I just know it” well….. it seemed to never happen. After our 5 year anniversary just hoping it would happen that day.. it didn’t. We didn’t have any big plan for our 5 years and just decided to wait till later in the fall to do a late anniversary trip. We both love the mountains so we decided to head out to Boone, NC for the weekend.We stayed in this cute cozy little cabin in the middle of Boone. We had our weekend planned full of adventurous trips to explore around Boone.

Well the day had come. We drove up to Grandfather Mountain in Linville NC. We wanted to hike the trails and explore what Grandfather Mountain had in store. We walked over the “mile high long swinging bridge” and came upon this gorgeous mountain setting.

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Little as I know this is where Tyler was going to propose. The sun was setting and everyone was leaving as the park was closing. We didn’t have anyone to take a picture of us so we set up a camera on a timer to capture a picture of us. As I set the camera up and snuggle up to Tyler to take a picture he turns to me and gets on one knee. I was confused at first and then it came to me…IS THIS HAPPENING TO ME?! After 5 years Tyler got down on one knee and said the most romantic things to me. He then said the 4 words I’ve been wanting to hear “Will you marry me?” And of course my response was YES! It was definitely worth the wait and I will never forget the day! We are enjoying being engaged but I’m definitely ready to marry my man!

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I love you Tyler thank you for making me the luckiest girl in the world!

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