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My Fiancé and I were celebrating our 6 year anniversary together and it was our first vacation just us two. We were on our way to Mackinaw Island! When we finally arrived we spent our first night in the city. We didn’t do anything crazy because we were so tired from the drive up.The next morning we were heading straight to the island! While getting ready I knew we were going to go biking and then hiking on some of the back trails that Mackinac Island has to offer, so I wasn’t going to get fully ready.My fiancé that morning was like are you sure you don’t want to get ready? Because we are probably going to get lunch and walk around downtown first.

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I looked at him like hmmm normally you don’t even care how I’m dressed but he was right so I changed and did my hair, and thankful I did! On the drive up I kept telling my fiancé about this gazebo on the island and how it was in a romantic movie called Somewhere In Time. I love gazebos I think they are so beautiful and romantic.We arrived on the island and I asked my fiancé where he wanted to eat because he kept saying he was hungry. He said in a minute and took my hand and we started walking to the fort on the island. We walked up this huge hill! When we reached the top I was a little sweaty. We walked around for a little bit and it seemed like he was on a mission and I was just watching and thinking to myself is trying to find the gazebo for me. Well he was and he finally found it! We get it and it was more beautiful in person!

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And it was right on top of the Island you could look through the trees and see the beautiful lake! It was just us two there and I am looking at the water and he hugs me from behind and then turns me around and goes to one knee! Tears instantly flow down my cheek and with the biggest, cheesiest smile I just stare at him in shock. He proceeds to propose and pulls out the most beautiful ring I’ve ever seen! Then he finally asked will you marry me?I screamed yes and it was the best vacation of my life!

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