Chelsea and Tony

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How We Met

Tony and I met in high school. He was a sophomore and I was a freshman at a new high school. Although I was a cheerleader and he played basketball, I didn’t have enough confidence to say more than two words to him even given prime opportunities. He thought I was trying to “big league” him but I knew I was tongue tied. Tony moved schools and attended a college in TN, while I went to a school in South Georgia. Years later, we were still friends on Facebook and one fateful Major League Baseball trade brought us together. A local home town hero/friend, Brian McCann, was signed to the Yankees and we reconnected on that common interest. At the time he was finishing law school and I was attending grad school while cheering at Vandy. We reconnected right before Winter Break and spent every waking moment of break together which was a new and strange occurrence that baffled many friends and family members.

how they asked

It was the weekend of my birthday and Tony planned a trip to Nashville to celebrate. Early in the week, I thought that Tony may ask, but I knew he had gotten approval from some of my family members but not all (which was very important to both of us). I quickly dismissed the idea that he may propose and focused on being back in my favorite city for the weekend. When we got to Nashville, Tony was weirdly excited to go to the Vanderbilt baseball game (he’s a Tennessee fan). I was so confused but excited his random passion for Vandy athletics. As we walked to the stadium we “ran into” my old cheerleading coach who asked us for help. We agreed and followed him into the football stadium where Tony led me onto the field and spoke of how Vandy will always be in my heart. As tears filled up in my eyes reminiscing about the many amazing memories I had in that stadium, I looked at him and he got on one knee and asked me “will you Anchor Down and marry me?” That’s when the waterworks really started! It was the most amazing experience! Tony took so much time to plan our special moment in a place that meant so much to me (he even had a photographer hidden taking pictures of the whole thing)!

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I spent two years pouring my heart and soul into Vanderbilt Athletics and making memories. Cheering at a D1 school was always a childhood dream of mine. When I finally reached my goal, I remember crying tears of accomplishment as I ran the team on the field for the first time. My last home game was filled with sad tears over leaving a place that made me feel so special. Now, I have added tears of joy to the field, as the man of my dreams got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. I can’t wait to take our kids to games and tell them how special that stadium really is to not just myself but now to Tony and I.

Special Thanks

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