Chelsea and Thomas

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How We Met

I was first introduced to Tommy in 2016 at a home nightclub in darling harbor, where he was running a weekly club night called voodoo. We were introduced by his personal assistant, who was a friend of mine. At the time, I worked in a bar across the other side of the harbor, and from that day onwards at 2 am every Saturday morning when we finished work Tommy and I would hang around darling harbor chatting for hours on end.

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How They Asked

Tommy told me his friends had gone to a high tea garden party and he wanted us to go there on a date, he even designed an event flyer for the “garden party”. That afternoon we set off on our “date”. We walked along the foreshore and up the stairs and I saw the proposal set up. I exclaimed “OMG look, somebody is getting proposed to today!” I turned to look at Tommy and he said “yep!”. I turned back around to assess the “garden area” We had reached, REALISING there was no party at all., turning back around I shouted, “omg, it’s me!”.

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After 60 seconds of crying uncontrollably out of joy & surprise, Tommy calmed me down and said “shall we go and get engaged now?”…. At the time it still DIDN’T feel real, it was such a dream, I remember thinking “surely this isn’t all for me!”, but it was. The proposal was nothing short of AMAZING, and a moment Tommy and I will treasure forever.

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Special Thanks

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