Chelsea and Seth's Proposal at the Dallas Cowboys Stadium

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How we met

Seth and I met in 2015 at the Dallas Cowboys Stadium, but it wasn’t a “formal” meeting like you think it would be. MSU was playing Tarleton State and I came down with my friends to watch the game and he came down with his roommates, that were also my friends. I had no idea he was roommates with these guys. So when the game started, I sat in front of Seth with giant signs acting like an obnoxious football fan while he sat behind trying to watch the game in aggravation because I kept hitting him with my signs! It ended with him not really liking me, and the only words exchanged then were, “can you please sit down?” That was back in September.

So 2016 rolls around, and I start to see him more and more on my social media. I took the initiative to add him and message him! Luckily I did, because two weeks later we were going on our first date to Pelicans, a local nice restaurant in Wichita Falls. We got there around 6pm, and we were last ones to leave. I knew Seth was special because I couldn’t stop talking to him. There was never a dull or dry moment with us. After the lights were about to turn off, we set up another date to finish our conversations! That night, I called my mom and I told her, “Mom, I’m going to marry this guy!” She of course thought I was crazy because we had only gone out on one date! Anyways, I believe that God knew what He was doing when he sat me in front of Seth that day. Even though it wasn’t the best first impression, it’s led to many laughs, cries, hugs and kisses, and so many fun memories with Seth. I believe he is a blessing in disguise and balances me out perfectly. He was the man that I had been praying for and now I get to have him forever!

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how they asked

After a year and a half of dating, Seth and I made Arlington our home on the weekends! We were constantly going to watch parties for sport events, going to the Cowboys game, and supporting our Texas Rangers. So it was not abnormal that Seth wanted to go on a tour to the Cowboys Stadium and revise where our relationship initially started. I’m going to tell you right now, I had NO idea what was going on on April 30. I thought it was just another weekend that we were going to spend in Arlington. Well if anything could go wrong that day, it did! I left my makeup bag in Wichita Falls, I had nothing to wear, and after begging him to make sure my nails are done for the proposal, I refused getting them done that day when my mom kept dropping hints!

Now that I replay this day in my head, I don’t know how I didn’t pick up something was going on. So anyways, we get to my mothers house because that is where we were going to stay the weekend. Surprisingly, my mom had bought me several different dresses that just happened to match Seth’s new shirt, because I had been “studying hard for school.” She also had brand new shoes for me that would perfectly match! In my mind, I’m thinking how thoughtful, in Seth’s mind, he is thanking my mother big time for providing me with something to wear! The next day rolls around and it’s the BIG day! My mom is a hairstylist, and she wanted my hair done, which was not abnormal either because we were always doing my hair. My mom also tried her hardest to do my nails… She literally had her nail kit out at the breakfast table which was a little abnormal, but I never caught on.

That morning, Seth was very distant, but I had just assumed that he was watching ESPN or something. So as I am getting ready my mom is pushing me to get out the door and making sure I have a makeup bag made since I had left mine, and kind of just acting like a nervous wreck. When I left my mom’s, she gave me a big hug and an even bigger hug to Seth… Still, I’m not catching on. Now Seth and I are on our way to the AT&T stadium where our tour guide knows we are getting engaged, and our AWESOME photographer is patiently waiting on the field. When we arrived to our tour, Seth was pretty antsy. He kept saying he was sweaty and he wouldn’t let me hold my hand in his back pocket… But still, I’m not catching on.

So as the tour comes to the end, and we are about to be released on the field. Our tour guide makes sure to keep an eye out for us as we go and look at all the vendors down at the field. I happened to see a humane society, and had Seth rushed over there with me! When I saw a puppy that I wanted for him to pick up, he refused. Which was not normal at all. It turned out that he had transferred the ring into his shirt pocket, and if he leaned over, the ring would fall out… So Seth is acting really weird with puppies, and is just DYING to get on the field to “walk it” and “experience it”. He finally convinced me to walk the field and go to the Dallas Star to take a picture. Luckily, our tour guide just randomly met us there to hold Seth’s phone to snap the picture, a security guard comes to clear off the star, and our awesome photographer, Chevy is getting into place. And here I am, just thinking it’s a picture!

While I’m holding waiting for a picture to be taken, Seth grabs my hand and tells me he has something to ask me. At that moment, everything clicked. Everything that happened that day was planned by my soon to be fiancé. He had this whole thing planned! So he gets down on one knee right there in front of everyone and asked me that simple phrase, “Chelsea, will you marry me?”

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My knees were shaking, I wanted to laugh, cry, and scream, so instead of saying “Yes”, I just stuck my hand out! That’s all I could do. That day I knew that’s where I was supposed to be. I know God had this all planned out for me. I knew that our future is going to be the best. I couldn’t have asked for a better day!

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After we had a moment, our photographer came over to greet us, and ended up actually being an old classmate of Seth’s! So we took beautiful photos around the stadium and captured everything for me and Seth! It was truly a blessing. After the photoshoot was finished, Seth and I went to lunch where I was surprised to see my parents there! There were tears of happiness when I was reunited with them! After the lovely lunch, we went to the Rangers game where I was surprised with all of our friends from out of town sitting in our section! What?! The surprises just kept coming that day! It was such a wonderful, emotion filled day for me and Seth. But that’s how our life is. We are just so blessed and so in love that God has us together. Seth treats me better than I could ask for. He loves me unconditionally and I know that we were made for each other. That day was the best day. I will never forget how they asked! It will always be a forever cherished moment in my heart. I love you Seth Lynch! I can’t wait to marry you! #HitchedToLynch

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Special Thanks

Chevy Chey
 | photographer