Chelsea and Scott

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How We Met

Scott and I met a couple of years ago when he first started college. I was a sophomore when he was a freshman, and I remember seeing him on freshman move-in day and thinking how cute he was. We quickly became friends and hung out all the time. However, it was a classic case of boy likes girl, but girl isn’t so sure about boy. I will forever regret turning him down the first time, but you can bet that once I realized my feelings for Scott I told him right away. And now we’ve been dating for the last year and half. Best year and a half of my life.

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how they asked

One of our first dates was walking through Central Park one Sunday after church with a couple friends. We made a stop at Bethesda Fountain for a picture because the weather was so beautiful. Fast forward to now. Scott told me that he wanted to take me out for date night, and that he already made plans that were a surprise. This wasn’t anything out of the ordinary because we have date nights all the time, so I just thought it was a normal Friday night. We went to Central Park for “just a casual stroll through the park”, and we ended up at Bethesda Fountain. Scott reminded me of the first time we had been in that place.

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We talked about all of our hopes for our future together, and before I realized what was happening he got down on one knee and popped the question!

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Special Thanks

Jonathan Rothermel
 | Photographer