Chelsea and Scott

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How We Met

Scott and I “officially” met the summer before senior year of high school (2010), although we were in the same Advanced Placement United States History (APUSH) in 11th grade. He sat behind me in this class but the timing was right at that point. I went to a baseball game in the summer of 2010 and found him looking up at me into the stands. Sure enough, that night he sent me a message through Facebook and we haven’t stopped talking ever since. We starting talking on the 12th and after that, 12 became our number. That is the number Scott wore for his baseball number senior year and it was October 12th when he first asked me to be his girlfriend.

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We were each other’s senior homecoming dates, prom dates and now, bride and groom to be. We were each other’s first official girlfriend and boyfriend, respectively, each other first kiss and now we get to have forever together as well. After high school, we went to different colleges, but they were only about 5 minutes apart! We were both college athletes, me a figure skater and Scott a baseball player, so we were always on opposite schedules, but we always made it work. He is my best friend, soulmate, and high school sweetheart. He makes me laugh every single day and I can not wait to do life with him by my side.

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how they asked

Fast forward 7.5 years and Scott asks me to come to walk on a trail with him near where he works. We love being outside and taking walks so I thought nothing of it. However, when he told me to meet him at the trail, I saw him emerge with khaki shorts and a polo shirt on and started to get butterflies in my stomach. (He is a baseball coach so seeing him in non-athletic clothes is a rare sight!). The trail was right along the Clinton River in the Rochester, MI area. As we were walking, Scott heard kayakers and stopped walking to talk about kayaking. I didn’t know it at the time, but he was stalling because he did want them in our proposal pictures! When we starting walking again, it wasn’t long before we went down a hill to where a tree branch made an arch over the path and Scott was asking me if I wanted to take a walk through our relationship.

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The first set of pictures included our very first picture together and then pictures from the 7.5 years we have been dating, including homecoming, prom and my siblings’ weddings. Continuing on, the next set of pictures were holidays we have spent together. Continuing further, there were pictures of all the new places we have traveled to and vacations we have been on. Then, we turned to the left and he led me through various pictures of our relationship including funny ones, sunset pictures, and silly ones! He leads me through them to a little sandy beach near the bank of a river.

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Before I could process what was happening, he was down on one knee asking me to marry him, share more holidays and go on more adventures with him. All with the rose gold simple oval ring. After saying yes, I spotted his brother and mom in the trees behind us capturing the special moment on camera. Our wedding is being planned for 10-12-19: Our nine year anniversary. He will forever be mine always.

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