Chelsea and Ryan

Image 1 of Chelsea and RyanHow We Met: We briefly talked a little online and over text before our date but not in too much detail before our first date in Olde Mistick Village but it wasn’t until then that we really met each other. The Village has always been one of my favorite places but we could’ve been anywhere. We spent the entire afternoon talking and four hours felt like five minutes as I sat beside him. We talked about our families, school, and just general things, yet I knew there was something special about him. We parted ways and agreed to hang out again soon but something about him just made me smile. I never would’ve thought that in that day I would’ve met the love of my life.

how they asked: Ryan and I had been dating just under two years and were on a vacation in Old Orchard Beach, Maine that his family takes every year. I was getting ready for a romantic date night while he was playing frisbee on the beach, or so I thought. When I walked to to the beach to get him I saw him standing next to water. There was a heart made of seashells to his right and inside read our names. I walked toward him as his picked up an antique wooden treasure box. Inside were photos from throughout our relationship. “Day One” was a photo from our first date, “Day 52” was a random date we went on. It had all of the important days and even just some random ones all included. As I flipped to the final photo I saw it was of a beautiful diamond ring. I look to him and he was down on one knee with that exact ring in a box. He asked me to marry him and I was so overwhelmed with happiness that all I could manage was an eager nod before jumping into his arms. Saying yes to spending forever with him was without a doubt the easiest decision I’ve ever had to make. He got the entire thing on video and also photographed with the help of my future sister and brother in-law!

Image 2 of Chelsea and Ryan