Chelsea and Ryan

How We Met

Ryan and I met my freshman year of college. It’s a confusing story of roommates dating roommates. I noticed her boyfriend’s brother in some pictures on Facebook. Turns out that they weren’t only brothers, but roommates. My roommate dared me to add him as a Facebook friend. I know, how crazy! *sarcasm intended* I added him and almost immediately he accepted and sent me a message. We messaged a little on Facebook which turned into texting which turned into phone calls. My roommate was going to visit her boyfriend at another college. I decided I was going with. We met and the rest is history.

Chelsea's Proposal in Grand Canyon

Proposal Ideas Grand Canyon

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Grand Canyon

how they asked

I came home from work one Friday. Ryan was very persistent about me coming home on time that day which was weird since we didn’t have any plans. As I walked through the door there was an envelope with a number 1 on it. It was a scavenger hunt! The fifth and final clue led me into the guest bedroom and said, “look in the black and gold suitcase, we are going on an adventure”. I opened the suitcase behind me and I saw some of my clothes were packed with 2 plane tickets to Vegas! I immediately started sobbing. I less then an hour to pack the rest of my things and head to the airport. We ended up going to Antelope Canyon, Horseshoe Bend, the Hoover Dam, and of course the Grand Canyon. When we got to the Grand Canyon we found an amazing view on the edge of a cliff. We decided it would be a perfect place to get a picture so we set up the timer on our tripod. Ryan wanted to take a second picture “in case the first one was bad”. After a while of smiling at the camera for what seemed like too long, I noticed he accidentally hit the record button, but it wasn’t an accident. That’s when he got down on one knee. I was shaking so bad from excitement all I could say was “I’m gonna fall”, but I finally said yes! To top it all off we celebrated in Las Vegas!