Chelsea and Rick

How We Met

I had always prayed for a unique story, but I wasn’t really sure I would get one this “late” in my life. Rick definitely popped in unexpectedly and the first time he asked, I turned him down. The 2nd time was different and for lack of better words, he “fairy-taled” me. When he suggested we meet up, he spoke to my heart, telling me the things and people he could see I loved most and how those types of people and things were what mattered most to his life. I knew then that he was special. Our first date told me everything, we spent half of it simply loving a homeless woman and taking time for her. Maybe it’s not the fairytale one would normally think of, but I remember thinking that I could love a man with this kind of heart for people. In my prayers over the years, I’d locked my heart away in what I like to call secrets.

These 3 secret prayers I submitted to the Lord asking Him to reveal them to my future spouse. I don’t think I really thought it would happen, but it did! My last secret was a hot air balloon ride that I’d had a vision of about 6 years earlier. I remembered the vision so clearly that I had painted a picture of it and hid it away. It was the day before we were going to go ring shopping when God showed himself faithful to my last secret. We spontaneously went to a fair where there was a hot air balloon ride. I loved it, but what really got me was when I got home and compared the painting to the picture…. They were identical. There’s no way Rick could’ve planned that so perfectly, it really was an act of heaven. Our dating story has been such a fairy-tale, so it only seems fit that Rick’s proposal would be too.

how they asked

He had been so sweet to me that week, but I really didn’t think anything of it. Looking back, it seems so obvious I guess, with my mom reminding me to get my nails done too. Rick, along with J&C Creative Co., crafted a story about me helping them model a dress for a nonprofit with Rick standing in to help the photography and video focus on the dress. Rick had so many people helping him. Rolani from Glory Weddings programmed the entire proposal and Andrea from Beautiful/Wild Design covered a majestic staircase with flowers and created a one of a kind bouquet for me to hold. They are saints for taking the time to make this magical for me.

Chelsea and Rick's Engagement in Cator Woolford Gardens, Atlanta, GA

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Cator Woolford Gardens, Atlanta, GA

We travelled to Cator Woolford Gardens in Atlanta. Discretely they moved me from place to place, eventually getting me on the stairs. They had me begin reading, “I wrote this list years ago when I was praying for my wife,” and there it was, I knew this was the moment. I kept reading and when I finished, Rick came from the top of the stairs behind me and said “I want to trade my list in for the real thing. Will you marry me?” Truly, I have been so fortunate to have had so many fairytale moments and I am beyond grateful to everyone who helped make this one, magical.

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Cator Woolford Gardens, Atlanta, GA

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