Chelsea and Reese

How We Met: I met Reese in March of 2010 on a high school Catalina Island trip. We were 15 and 16 at the time. We both remember the first time we saw each other very differently. I vividly remember seeing this guy in an all blue Duke sweat suit doing this crazy jump over a bunch of people, like street performers often do down in Santa Monica.

He claims that he was standing near by me with a group of friends, and he didn’t even look at me, but just hearing me talk he already thought I was the most attractive girl he’s ever met. We didn’t really get to talk until we went on the nature hike, and that was when the “sparks” started flying. We both just immediately liked each other.


We joked about anything and everything and sat next to each other at the evening meeting that day. His (now future groomsman) thought that I would not be interested in Reese, and called him over to come sit with his friends instead of me. We still joke with him that he could have ruined what has now led to us getting married. The rest of the trip is a blur, but Reese somehow got my number from someone and went on to completely pursue dating me.


It is so funny thinking back on it now, but we were 15 and 16, neither of us had our license, and he lived 30 minutes away from me at the time. I remember thinking there is no way I can do this, 30 minutes is a world away when you do not have a car. We decided that it wasn’t the right time for us to date, but who would have thought that one year, and two licenses later, we would start talking again and fall completely and totally in love. We started dating March 4, 2011 and from that point on the rest is history.


how they asked: So how did he ask? Well let’s just say that it was verrrrry important to him that he surprises me. I had originally been huge on surprises, and imagined that getting proposed to as a surprise would be the biggest one of all. After close to 4 1/2 years of dating, I wasn’t that into the idea of being surprised, as much as I was curious when we were going to be taking that next step.

He stood strong with wanting to surprise me.. and boy did he! So, he asked my father for permission, but knew that in doing so he was going to have to act fast, being that my parents (mom) is the worst with surprises and secrets for that matter. I had come over for lunch one day and was talking to my parents, my mom was acting a little weird and kept referring to Reese as her son-in-law.

I definitely was suspicious because obviously we are not engaged or married!!! My dad also said something about Reese that I had not told him before.. so there could only be one reason for them having this information. I was excited, but I didn’t want to get my hopes up because I had no idea if or when he was going to be asking. I had a lot of big events coming up like graduating college and a big job interview, so I was curious when he could do something like a proposal in the middle of all of it.

He has informed me that we were going to be going down to San Luis Obispo/Morro Bay area on Saturday May 9th, with 2 of our friends who are going to be moving there this winter. I was very excited and a little suspicious.. thinking could he be proposing this weekend? I drove to his parents’ house Friday and stayed there that night since we would be leaving early Saturday morning. I was excited but Reese was not acting any different, no weird smiling at me, no nervous habits, he was completely cool and collected.

His dad came over to him Friday afternoon and asked him if he could go to the shop and get all of this work done tomorrow (the day we were supposed to go to San Luis Obispo) and Reese had to tell him that we had already made plans. It hit me that there was no way he was going to propose without his family knowing, so if his dad is asking him to work he can’t be proposing. The rest of his family continued to act the same way, they are the best liars (unlike my family).

So at that point I decided that he wasn’t going to be proposing and there were no signs that he would be. We left that morning with our friends and begin our trip out there. Brea and Garret claimed to be “really into photography,” which I believed at the time since they are newer friends of ours. They brought a really nice camera and were planning on taking pictures up there. We got into Morro Bay area and grabbed lunch and were just hanging out.

We had a random list of things we were going to do for the day, but nothing was really set in stone. Reese’s grandma had recently passed away and they were really close, so there was this hike in Morro Bay that his grandma and grandpa used to do together that was really special to him. He wanted to show our friends, especially since they are “so into photography.” We did the hike and all was normal at that point.

Once we got to the top he had gotten the ring box, which he had hidden in the camera bag, and put it in his back pocket. This led to his weird attitude. He would not sit down because he couldn’t sit on the ring, and kept making sure his back wasn’t toward me. I wasn’t overly suspicious at this point, but I really wanted to just enjoy the view together and he seemed so antsy.

Our friends were off doing their own thing taking pictures of the gorgeous view, and then they wanted us to pose and take pictures up on this rock. We were posing and smiling until he grabbed my hands and started looking me in the eyes. He asked me if I knew how much I loved him, which I responded with yes… babe what are you doing? He continued to tell me how much he loved me and I knew exactly what was about to happen.

His eyes started to water as he told me that his father always told him that you know that you’ve found the one when without her you feel like you are missing a limb. He said that everything he wants to accomplish in life he sees me there alongside him. At this point I was in a full on sob (I wish I didn’t cry so easy). The past 2 years had been pretty rough after he got diagnosed with Crohn’s disease, and we got to experience the “in sickness and in health” firsthand.

We have experienced so many ups and downs in our 4 years of dating and are so ready to start our lives together. I think I responded with a tearful “of course,” but I was so caught up in the moment I didn’t even realize that our friends had been photographing and videotaping us. And I mean when he opened that ring box I just about died.. he picked out the ring without us going ring shopping prior and he got the most perfect ring I could possibly imagine.


Our friends gave us some time after the proposal to sit up at the top of the hill and look at this beautiful place in awe that we are about to start the rest of our lives together. After we went back down the hill I continued to cry off and on for a while, but we got to walk around San Luis Obispo together… and return home to an engagement party with all our friends and family.


It truly was the perfect way to begin this new season together, and I am still so amazed that I get to spend the rest of my life with this handsome, amazing, romantic, and loving man!!!!