Chelsea and Randy

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How We Met

Randy and I were in the same 6th grade class but hardly spoke to each other except for the occasional classroom chatter and group projects. His family moved from the military base into the city in 7th grade and we never kept in touch. We reconnected in 10th grade when I ended up transferring to the same high school.

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He was in my french class and I knew I recognized him. I made the bold move to go up and say “I know you, don’t I?” We started talking again, and became closer as friends as the year went on. It wasn’t until October 19, 2007 that he took me to laser tag, gave me a blue airhead, then asked me to be his girlfriend in the McDonalds parking lot standing next to my favorite red jeep. 8 years later, one puppy, and a house later and we’re getting married!

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how they asked

We’ve been together almost 8 years so in my head I was thinking that this moment was coming soon. Being a girl I had envisioned this day for years, however when the day finally came I could not have been happier with how much thought he put into adding another chapter in our love story.

We had agreed to skip Valentines Day and make it up the weekend before I started traveling for work – we were going to leave for Charleston early Saturday and stay the weekend. That Friday, Randy picked me up after work with our puppy Rebel and we went to the beach. We go often to watch the sunset so it wasn’t anything out of the ordinary, until he didn’t pull into our usual spot. We made our way to the “spot” (turns out there was a photographer waiting) and sat down for a few minutes.

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Rebel was getting distracted barking at everyone and it was freezing but turns out Randy was waiting for the sun to hit us in just the right moment. He took my hand, looked at me and said “you know I love you right?” and I responded, “how much you love me?”.

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Next thing I knew he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him! He had a sign for our puppy and had shirts made. Then we went to Chickfila called our family and drank champagne! It was us in every way :).

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