Chelsea and Randall

Image 1 of Chelsea and Randall

How We Met

I was working as a server and many of my coworkers were friends with him from high school. He would come in for dinner and we’d always ask about each other.

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It took us a few months to finally meet, when one particular coworker/friend had a house party. Once we began talking, we felt a connection and attraction to each other right away. We officially started dating two weeks later!

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how they asked

Christmas is our favourite season, the most special time of year. There was a charity house built in Victoria Park for people to have pictures taken with Santa – all proceeds were donated towards providing gifts to children in need. He contacted the owner of the charity house and scheduled a “private visit” for us, which he planned ahead of time with my sister (who was living in B.C. and coming home for the holidays with her boyfriend).

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We went for a walk through the park, stopping at the charity house to get group and couple photos taken. At the end, Santa handed me a gift with my name on it (dropped off by Randall during the day)… I opened it to find a beautiful collage of photos of us. It said “Will You Marry Me?”

Image 5 of Chelsea and Randall

And I looked up to find him right in front of me down on one knee, holding a gorgeous ring!

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Image 7 of Chelsea and Randall

Of course, I said yes!!

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