Chelsea and Parm

How We Met

We met through my sister one evening eating dinner at a restaurant. I knew at that moment that he was a special guy. I gave him my number (on a napkin, like a classy lady) and told him he should call me sometime. He ended up texting me that evening and picking me up, and the rest is love.

how they asked

Parm had decided to surprise me for our 8 year anniversary and take me to New York City. Neither of us had ever been. Of course, I made a list of the must-go places and Central Park was at the top of my list. On the first day we got there, Parm really wanted to do Central Park (obviously I know now why he was so persistent), but I insisted that we do some shopping and sight seeing. So the next day, we put on our gym clothes and decided to brave the park. We had to make several breaks as my legs and feet were so sore from all of the walking. Parm kept suggesting a horse-buggy, but I insisted we trek on through the park. We came across a pond in the centre of the park with a walking track surrounding it and there Cherry Blossom trees were all in bloom. I told Parm we should take a picture of the trees. Instead, he asked someone if they would take a picture of us (secretly record). So we took the picture, and seconds after, he turned me around and got down on one knee and told me that I was the perfect one for him and he couldn’t wait to share his life with me. I of course cried and cried (and forgot to say YES out of shock) and realized that even after 8 years, you can still surprise someone. Of course I eventually said yes (after the crying), and we walked through the rest of the park with smiles (and tear stained faces) so excited for our future to begin!Image 1 of Chelsea and ParmImage 2 of Chelsea and Parm Image 3 of Chelsea and Parm

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