Chelsea and Mitch


How We Met

I was a freshman in high school and Mitch was a sophomore. We met in our cafeteria on the first day of school. I remember him wearing his ROTC uniform and thinking to myself that this guy is so strange! Later that year I learned he had a crush on me, but I couldn’t stand him so I just brushed it off. He moved on and we stayed friends. Best friends actually! I hung out with him and his friends all of the time. We even made a deal that when I got my braces off I had to let him kiss me— oops I never let him! Fast forward to the end of my sophomore year and his junior year, I made varsity cheerleader and he asks me out again, or in his words “I think we should date” so I said okay yes. We spent the rest of our high school and majority of our college careers together! We had a break but found our way back to each other :) 10 years later I’m engaged to my high school sweetheart and the love of my life!

how they asked

We were in Playa del Carmen, Mexico with both of our families– my mom and stepdad, his mom, dad, younger brothers, and family friends. We arrived at our resort and only 2 out of the 5 rooms were ready. One including my mom and stepdads, so Mitch and I had to put our belongs in there until our room was ready. We all decided to go to lunch until the rooms were ready. After we finished, Mitch and I decided to go get our keys and move our suitcases to our room and change to get ready to go down to the beach. On the way he told me to go get our keys and he would wait with our suitcases.

I got the keys, met him at our suitcases then we walked to our room together. After we got settled in he grabbed my hand and pulled me in for a hug. He said some sweet words, kissed me then I started to pull away (I was ready to go to the beach at this point!). He then got down on one knee and asked “will you spend the rest of your life with me?”


I screamed and cried like a baby! I immediately said yes, hugged him, and never let go! He then pulls out a bottle of champagne from his suitcase because what better way to celebrate! I called my dad to tell him the news then we met our families on the beach and celebrated the rest of the week.