Chelsea and Mike

Chelsea and Mike's Engagement in Hope Town, Bahamas

How We Met

Mike and Chelsea met some 15 years ago when she came to see his band play. She was actually there to meet another guy in the band ;) Although Mike didn’t catch her eye immediately the two eventually formed a close friendship which quickly turned into something more <3

how they asked

When Mike’s band was offered an opportunity to play in the Bahamas he asked Chelsea to come along and she of course said duh! Little did she know that after nearly a decade together, Mike had decided it was time to pop the question and what better place than adorable Hope Town, Bahamas.
After arriving, the two spent the afternoon on a tiny private beach with a beautiful cave straight out of a scene from the little mermaid. Mike, an avid surfer who was not expecting there to be waves, was so excited to find some that he paddled out on a piece of plywood to try and catch a few while Chelsea enjoyed her favorite passed time, soaking up the sunshine.
Afterwards they went exploring in the cave and in an attempt to get a good photo of the two of them together, Mike proped his phone up on a rock. Then while Chelsea was posing for the picture Mike dropped to one knee and asked her to marry him and she of course said duh!

Where to Propose in Hope Town, Bahamas

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