Chelsea and Michael

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How We Met

Coincidentally, the day we met was centered around love. My groom, Michael, was at Malibu Wines celebrating an engagement party for close friends, and I was at Malibu Wines celebrating one of my very best friend’s Bachelorette parties; best friend who happens to be the magician behind the lens and creative director for our engagement shoot. As single guys would, Michael and his buddy spotted our group and struck up conversation. I was fully dedicated to the hors d’oeuvre spread until my sister brought this handsome guy over and introduced me. I know it’s the cheesiest thing ever, but after that introduction, the rest is history — we literally haven’t stopped talking to each other since.

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Arizona

Michael lived in San Diego at the time, and I lived about three hours north in Valencia. The distance was no matter to Michael; he drove up to take me on our first date. My dad likes to say it was actually our first seven dates because Michael took me all over Los Angeles from the early afternoon, late into the evening.

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The following week, he left on a trip to the Grand Canyon. When I received a handwritten postcard from him, I knew he was the one. It read “I shall be gridless for five days and lost to the world. I’ll be thinking of you and excited to see you soon.”

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The day before New Years Eve 2017, Michael told me to pack for a short getaway. I knew he had planned a fun little trip for the holiday, but I had no idea what was really about to happen. That next morning we headed out. I hate surprises so naturally I kept guessing places and fun activities during our drive, driving him crazy like I do best! Once we passed Downtown San Diego, I knew exactly where we were headed: my favorite place, the Hotel Del Coronado. Michael knows I’ve grown up going there every summer with my family and; it is my home away from home.

We arrived at the Del and went to its Babcock & Story Bar for a drink. Just as I was in heaven, sipping my Chardonnay and enjoying the environment, I noted aloud that the sunset was going to be pretty. Michael told me to drink fast so we could walk out to the beach in time for it. Drinking a Chardonnay fast is no easy task, so I thought it was a little odd, but didn’t want to miss the sunset either. We started walking on the beach, for quite a while actually, until I noticed our distinct round beach blanket in the sand with an envelope, champagne, and champagne flutes. I realized right then what was happening but was in absolute shock. As soon as I opened the card, which read “Will you marry me?” I burst into tears. His speech was amazing and so special, albeit a little blurry for me. And the ring was perfect. I obviously said yes!

Just when I thought the surprise ended, I looked up and saw two of my best friends taking pictures in front of me. I then heard my three year old nephew yell my name from behind, and turned around in complete shock to see my family and his, all running towards us on the beach. It is a feeling and memory I will never forget. The rest of the night entailed laughs, hugs, dinner, and lots of celebratory drinks.


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