Chelsea and Michael

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How We Met

Our story starts on the soccer field, playing in a coed soccer league. As it turns out we played side by side on the field for a few weeks having never truly noticed each other. Looking back, how could I have missed a catch like her. Eventually, I saw she was wearing a Cal Poly San Luis Obispo hoodie and made a comment about having grown up near SLO. Turns out she played a bit in college, explains why she is so much better than me. That next weekend as I was walking into the church I thought I saw her but wasn’t completely sure. Regretfully I didn’t say anything because I figured I could find her after but I never did. I had to wait until the next soccer game to talk to her again. It, in fact, was her which gave us a bit of a laugh and another talking point. We carried on seeing each other at soccer and church which were always followed up with a long conversation. This pattern turned into meeting up after work and weekends till we finally went on our first official date and a week later we hiked Half Dome together. While sitting on top of the dome watching the sunrise she nudged me saying “this would be a pretty great place to ask a gal to be your girlfriend” so I naturally responded, “Will you descend Half Dome as my girl”?

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how they asked

On our way to Hume Lake for a weekend getaway with friends, we were naturally stopped at In-n-out when one of the friends made a comment about wanting to stop at Princess Meadow. Michael had camped there before but I had never been and was excited to go check it out. We pulled over, hopped out of the cars and grabbed the cameras. It was a perfect golden hour and several friends in the group are professional photographers. Really should have seen this coming. We frolicked around the meadow taking goofy pictures and collecting flowers for awhile then Michael asked me to come over to him so he could snap some of me.

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He wanted some of me looking away so I had my back to him. I can be a tad impatient so I kept turning around to look at him just to be told to keep looking away. On the third time, I turned around and he was pulling the ring out of his pocket, everything froze.

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He took my hand and got down on one knee asking me to be his forever best friend which was returned with a yes, finally! The rest of the weekend was bliss spending time with great friends and enjoying the first days of engagement with him in the mountains. It was perfect.

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