Chelsea and Matt's Surprise Marriage Proposal

Chelsea and Matt's Surprise Marriage Proposal  (5)

How we met: It was freshman year at Christopher Newport University, and one of the first parties my girlfriends and I went to was at Matt’s house. I’d like to say it was love at first sight, but really it was the start of an amazing and fun friendship. He was kind to a fault, always made a great beer pong partner, and could make me laugh more than anyone I’d ever met. Through freshman and sophomore year, our friends merged and many of them have been the biggest supporters of our love story. For us, the shift in our feelings from friends to ‘maybe more’ was gradual, then hit very quickly after we finally saw what everyone else had been seeing for years. In the spring of 2010, we went on our first date — it was relaxed and easy. And it was then that I realized that Matt can make an ordinary moment seem magical. We are so excited to begin the next chapter, of what feels like a fairy tale.

how they asked: In Matt’s typical impromptu form, he told me on Tuesday that we would be attending a Christopher Newport University (CNU) football luncheon that Saturday. He said that he was asked to speak as an alumni football player to the upcoming freshman on the football team. Wow let me tell you, I was so proud of him. With the event only being a couple days away I started to panic on what to wear. Matt told me that the other two CNU alumni speaking were older and I didn’t know them. He said this so I didn’t message their significant others to discuss the attire. Because Matt knows me so well, he wrote his alumni speech down on paper so that when I asked him to practice (everyday) he was ready to go. Saturday morning came and I put on my new Lilly Pulitzer pink dress. We took a picture together and were on our way.

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After we parked, Matt walked around the car and opened the door to position me on his left arm with an umbrella since it was raining.

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As we were walking, we passed the building the event was “supposed” to take place. Matt told me that we were going to meet some of the football coaches in a different area. At this point, I was a little confused but still went with the flow. As soon as we turned the corner on the sidewalk, Matt began to reminisce on how we met and how he was the luckiest guy in the world. And it was then that he turned me, threw the umbrella, and got down on one knee… “Will you marry me?”

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I’m not sure I even let him finish asking the question before I said, “Yes!”.

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It was in that moment and for the rest of my life, I was the luckiest girl in the world. After embracing with one another what had just happened, I saw my photographer walk out with her camera. I was so thankful that Matt had listened to some of my subtle hints in the past and asked Audrey to take pictures of the proposal. By the way, there was no CNU football luncheon and that speech he wrote down was a cover up. That was his way of getting me to wear the perfect outfit and make this special day such a sweet surprise. The surprises didn’t end there. Matt told me we were meeting our parents for lunch in Virginia Beach.

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When we arrived in Sandbridge, he had all of our closest family and friends there to surprise me with a proposal party.

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The entire day was more than I had ever dreamt about.

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Photos by Audrey Rose Photo