Chelsea and Matthew

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How We Met

Matt and I met when I was 15, at my first job, Domino’s Pizza! He was a delivery driver, and I was a customer service representative. It certainly wasn’t love at first sight, we were just good acquaintances. We were each in separate relationships but eventually those fizzled. It wasn’t until 3 years later that we began messaging each other, and on Halloween night, 2013, I invited him to a friend’s house with me and we hit it off! We’ve been together ever since.

He truly is a blessing. He has supported me through nursing school which has been one of the most trying times of my life, we got our first apartment together, and I couldn’t imagine my life without him. We mesh together so well, and we can tell what the other one is thinking before we even say it. He is everything I ever wanted in a partner and more, and I feel beyond blessed and undeserving to be able to call him mine.

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My sister’s wedding, September 2014.

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My Nursing Graduation, May 2015.

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One of our first dates! December 2013.

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Halloween at Domino’s! October 2011.

how they asked

Matt and I both grew up with a huge love for Disney, so early on in our relationship we started planning a Disney vacation together with his parents. We hit the road on October 28, 2016 around midnight and after driving straight through from Vermont to Florida, we arrived at Pop Century Resort on Sunday the 30th. The next day we boarded the bus to Magic Kingdom!

It was an early morning, they had extra magic hours that morning so rope drop (park opening) was at 7am. We were outside the train station, Mickey and friends put on a little dance atop the train station and then began the countdown, “10, 9, 8… 3, 2, 1!” Fireworks went off and it was a flood of people flowing into the park. It was Halloween, so the park was decorated in orange, purple and green lights, with festive Mickey shaped pumpkins on the lanterns of Main Street, U.S.A. There was several scattered photographers at different photo opportunities down Main Street. We first stopped at the pumpkins, grabbed a few pictures (it looks like night time because the sun hasn’t risen yet!), then continued our way toward Cinderella Castle.

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We stopped at another photographer in front of the castle. It was illuminated in purple with touches of orange. First, all four of us posed together, then his parents left the shot so just Matt and I could get a picture. We began to smile, the photographer got one shot, and then he started talking! (They usually take 3+ shots in both portrait and landscape to get the best shot). In my head, I was thinking “Matt, shush, he’s trying to take a picture!”.

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He said, “I love you.” Confused, I said “I love you too..?” I look to my right and he is getting down on one knee!

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I had to ask him later what he said because I was just in so much shock and happiness it was all a blur! He said “Chelsea, I love you. You make me so happy. Make me the happiest man in the world, will you marry me?”

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I was stunned! A girl can dream about her boyfriend proposing in front of Cinderella’s castle but to have it actually happen?? No WAY. I don’t even remember what I said but Matt said that I nodded my head and said “Yes!” I was shaking. His parents and a few bystanders began clapping and cheering.

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We received hugs from his parents and went over to the ice cream parlor sitting area to catch our breath. Even though my hands were shaking I could still tell how GORGEOUS the ring was! It’s a princess cut halo with diamond band, exactly what I dreamed of. Apparently months before, he went ring shopping with his best friend Zach, and (his now wife) Kenzi. 2 years ago, just for fun, I went to look at rings with Kenzi, so they had a pretty good idea of the style I liked.

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Later that day, we each got our “Just Engaged!” buttons, which made us feel really special because every cast member (and even some guests!) said “Congratulations!” as we walked by. I think one of my favorite parts of the vacation was seeing the characters react to the ring. They all reacted the same, they’d look at the ring, mouth would gape open, then do a double take, look at Matt and then the ring again! Pocahontas (my favorite!!) was especially funny, she had the photographer come and take a closer look at it because she couldn’t believe it!

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Later in the vacation we returned to our engagement spot and got another picture, this time the park decorations had transformed to Christmas themed! Most of the photographers were really fun and had us do engagement poses, which turned out really special.

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It was the most magical day, and the most magical vacation. Every day I am thankful for you, and thankful for Walt Disney World holding such a special place in my heart and for being the most magical place on Earth!

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