Chelsea and Matthew

Marriage Proposal Ideas in In Niagara-on-the lake in Ontario on a bike wine tour.

How We Met

Matthew and I met in the Summer of 2012 on the job, it was my first professional job as a welder out of school and he was my shift supervisor. I almost didn’t accept the position, I almost chickened out but I said the worst that can happen is they fire me so I went ahead and walked in and that’s the first time I saw Matthew, I remember it like it was yesterday. We worked together for about a month and a half before he had shown any interest. We were sitting alone across from one another in the lunchroom, when had casually asked if I had plans with my boyfriend that weekend, “I don’t have a boyfriend” I told him with a smile, he then proceeded to ask me to hang out with him that weekend. Unfortunately, our first date was nothing all that special, it was actually probably one of the worst I had been on. But I knew he was something special and the more time I spent with him, the happier he made me and the more I knew I could love him. We officially started dating on July 19, 2012, Matthew proposed on July 19th, 2017 and we will be getting married on July 19th of this year.

How They Asked

I am still amazed about how clueless I was that he was going to purpose. Matthew and I had talked about getting married and knew it was something we wanted to do, and I still had no idea that he was going to do it when he did, even though it was our 5 year anniversary. I had playfully thought of the possibility of it happening a couple of days before but thought “No I would know if he was going to do it, he would be acting strange or something”, I had no clue until I saw the box. We had made plans to get out of work a little early that day and go on a bike wine tour in Niagara-on-the-lake. It was a very warm summer day and had started off cloudy which was nice for bike riding, we had just parked the car and were getting our bikes to start the tour.

Matthew was in front of me and as he swung his leg over to get on his bike, I saw a very distinct box-like shape in his pant pocket, I nearly passed out right there. I didn’t say or do anything (I thought) to signal what I had seen. We started on our bike ride, from this point on Matthew was riding behind me (which I later learned was because he saw me see the box). All I kept thinking was “Oh my goodness I need to get to a bathroom so I can tell someone”. The first winery was about a 5 min bike ride, once we got there I quickly rushed to the washroom and immediately texted my two best friends, ” OH MY GOD, MATT HAS A RING BOX”, we sent a couple of texts back and forth freaking out, then I regrouped, splashed some water on my face and went to taste our first set of wine tastings.

Chelsea's Proposal in In Niagara-on-the lake in Ontario on a bike wine tour.

I can only imagine how strange I must have been acting, I felt like I was talking a mile a minute just wondering when he was going to ask, the wine definitely helped to calm my nerves. We then proceeded to the other wineries, had a beautiful wood-fired pizza lunch under the vines, during which multiple times I thought “Ok this is it, he is going to do it now”, but still nothing. We finished our lunch and got back on the bikes, Matt said: “Go to the left when you get out of the gate there is a nice spot back there we should stop at”. I thought this is weird, why are we backtracking to this random bench he is going on about, yes once again clueless about what is going on, until then it dawned on me “Oh my god this is it, he’s doing it now”. We parked our bikes at this cute little bench on the side of the path, it was shaded by trees from the summer sun that was now shinning, right along the beautifully blue Niagara River. I turned around to face Matthew and he knelt down on one knee, presented me with my gorgeous ring and asked me to marry him. Now, 7 years to the day of us starting our relationship we will be starting our journey as husband and wife surrounded by our close friends and family.