Chelsea and Matt

How we met

Although Matthew and I went to nearby high schools and had mutual friends, we never really connected. He had a wild side and I liked to follow all of the rules. He thought I was boring, and I thought he was reckless.

The summer between college and my first year teaching, I returned home to waitress. Matthew was standing behind the bar and I was not thrilled. After working together for a few shifts, my attitude quickly changed and I started to look forward to spending time with him. My mood instantly lifted if I saw his car in the parking lot. A coworker informed me that he was expressing interest in me and the rumors and bets around the restaurant began to spread. He took me out sailing for our first date, and after that we began to spend a lot of time together. At the end of the summer we were moving about two hours from each other and we knew it would be a challenge. After a year of long-distance dating, I moved in with Matthew and his sweet rescue dog, Denali.

how they asked

For my birthday, Matthew gave me a couple’s photo session. I instantly knew I wanted it at my cabin, a rustic little hunting shack without running water or electricity. It is miles from anything on a quiet peaceful little lake in Northeastern Wisconsin. It’s where I go to make all of my big decisions or relax when life gets overwhelming. It means the world to me that Matthew appreciates it as well.

I was enjoying every second of the photoshoot on that hot, July day with the love of my life in my favorite place. Just when the photographer mentioned we were wrapping up, Matthew started pushing the rowboat back ashore and asked for my help. I stood on shore to help pull it up and he said “No, help from over here.” I instantly knew something was up. There was no reason that I needed to stand in the water with him. As I walked toward him, he got down on one knee in Wonder Lake.

His eyes teared up and he asked, “Will you?” I responded with, “Of course!” Our wonderful photographers captured the moment and from there our couple’s photo shoot turned into engagement photos.

Special Thanks