Chelsea and Mark

RingHow We Met: Mark and I have known each other our entire lives. About a month before I was born, my parents moved in next door to his family. Even though we grew up together and I had the biggest crush on him since we were 12, he didn’t notice me until we were in high school. We started talking to each other via Myspace in 2007 and he asked me to be his girlfriend just weeks later. We’ve been through every kind of up and down a couple can go through in the past 8 years but have remained strong and committed through it all.

how they asked: I found out my favorite band MAGIC! was going to be performing at the House of Blues in San Diego just 2 weeks before my birthday. I wanted nothing more than to see them perform and kept bugging Mark to get us tickets as my birthday present. The concert was on a Friday so he suggested we make a small trip of it and go the day before to explore San Diego. I couldn’t have been happier because San Diego just happens to be one of my favorite places in California. We made the drive down and our first stop was in Old Town. Old Town has always felt like a second home to me so I was already in the happiest of moods. After Old Town, we checked into the hotel. The room and the view could not have been more amazing. After putting our bags down he asked me what I thought of everything. My answer was, “it’s perfect!” He paused for a minute and said, “it’s almost perfect.” I was confused because he seemed so happy just minutes ago. Before I had time to question him, he pulled out a little black box from his pocket and said “now it’s perfect…Will You Marry Me?” My whole body went numb because it was so unexpected. I was so stunned that all I could manage to say was “What?” and “Really?.” After he assured me that this was in fact really happening, I said yes! I got engaged to my best friend and got to see my favorite band perform within the span of 2 days. To say I’m the luckiest girl in the world would be the biggest understatement!