Chelsea and Lane

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How We Met

I first met Lane while working at the place I currently work. Lane is a consultant for the facility and he was coming to see if we needed anything. The first time Lane and I saw each other, we both knew something was there. They say when you meet your soul mate, you will know, but I didn’t believe in that until then. His usual meetings at my workplace lasted less than 20 minutes, but that day, ours lasted over 2 hours. We instantly connected and talked about everything we could to keep the conversation going because we didn’t want it to end. After ending that conversation, he reached out right when he left and we continued the conversation from there. We haven’t stopped texting since.

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how they asked

Well! We both knew we wanted to get married, but in my head, I thought it would be next year. We had talked about marriage multiple times, but Lane never talked about the details (the ring, when it would happen, or where it would happen). Come to find out, that was all a part of his plan. I woke up Saturday, July 22, 2017 just like any other day. I had to work that morning but Lane and I had planned a birthday dinner with a couple of our friends to celebrate my birthday which was the following weekend. My girlfriend had text me to tell me to dress cute that night because we were going to take pictures for Instagram (we LOVE content pictures). So, this wasn’t anything unusual. I was having a terrible day after work. My phone stopped working, all my text messages and pictures got deleted, my outfit I had planned did not fit correctly, and my makeup had smudged (Girl Probs!). Lane did not act any different at all this day so I genuinely had no clue what was about to take place.

We head towards downtown Knoxville which is a part of the city that we love! I looked in the mirror in the car and said, “Lane! We have got to turn around. My makeup is messed up and I need to fix it.” Lane being the amazing man he is just said okay (however, deep down he was stressed because he had a huge surprise planned). We got my makeup and I fixed it. We get downtown to park and get out of the car to walk to the restaurant we had planned to have the birthday bash. Our friends that were supposed to meet us had text us and told us they would be five minutes late. I did not think anything at all about that. We get to Café 4 in downtown Knoxville and Lane told the waitress that the Taylor party was there. He looked at me and said, “Babe, I have to pee really bad.” I looked at him like he was crazy because I didn’t understand why we couldn’t just sit down first and then he could go to the bathroom so he would know where our seats were.

The hostess took me to a table of two, but I was confused and told her she must have it wrong because there was going to be four of us. However, the hostess told me to just follow the instructions and sat me down at the table where our first date was. Whoa, talk about being confused! Ha! When I sat down, a girl named Blair, came up to me and handed me a card with my name on it. The card was written by Lane and it said to follow Blair’s instructions and that he loved me very much. I followed Blair to a bench in Market Square where she handed me an iPad to watch. The iPad had a 6-minute video that Lane had made five weeks before. After watching the video (and crying my eyes out), Blair walked me to another part of Krutch park where Lane stood waiting for me.

I was handed flowers, there were balloons everywhere, and a photographer and videographer. I walked up to Lane where he asked me to marry him by saying what we always do. I love you, I love you more, I love you most. After he asked and I said yes (of course!), all our friends and family walked around the corner where they surprised me even more. After we took pictures, we all went to Café 4 to have drinks and appetizers and to celebrate the best night of my life. Lane took so much time in planning this entire proposal and did exactly what every girl’s dreams of. He had asked my dad 6 weeks before and had the photographer taking pictures the entire time (even when we were walking to the restaurant from the car!). The video meant the world to me and the fact that he included my Nana in it who passed away this past December truly meant the world to me. He made it a surprise, had a photographer and videographer, and had all our friends and family there to celebrate. It was truly a dream come true and the best day of our lives. I have attached the video of our proposal. Enjoy and it’s okay if you need to grab a tissue, I cry every time!

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Our Video

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