Chelsea and Justin

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How We Met

Justin and I met through mutual acquaintances while we were both dating other people. During the course of a couple years we became friends and both of our previous relationships had ended. Soon after, Justin got deployed to Afghanistan and we kept in touch. During his deployment we grew closer and talked nearly every day. During this time, we realized we had a lot in common which we had never noticed before. It wasn’t long after that, that our feelings for one another grew stronger. We talked every day, whether it was me having to wake up at 5 am or stay up way too late since the time change was so drastic. There were care packages on holidays, letters written, FaceTime dates, texting every change we got, anything and everything to be connected. Almost a year later from his deployment, Justin surprised me by coming home earlier than he had told me. I was in a video game store with a few friends and as someone entered the store I turned and saw a man in a military uniform and had to double take before realizing it was Justin. I was in shock and completely flustered that he was standing there hugging me when I had thought he was thousands of miles away. The date he came home from deployment was the 6th and it was the day we had made our relationship official. Even now almost four years, later we still celebrate our relationship every month on the 6th. Having our wedding on the 6th only seemed right.

how they asked

Justin and I went to Disney World for the weekend to use the last two days out of our four day pass. We planned on going to Magic Kingdom the first day and had the day filled with fastpasses. Our breakfast ran a little later than we had planned and getting into the park took longer than expected as well. We were cutting it really close to our Buzz Lightyear pass expiring and we were zipping through the crowds trying to make it in time. While passing Cinderllas castle right before the steps, Justin stopped me. He began telling me how much he cared for me and loved me and I was growing really anxious as to what was going on. Then, he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. I wish I could say we reveled in the moment together after I said yes to make this story seem even more magical… but we ran off to make it to the ride to use of fast pass. You can clearly see where our priorities are, haha. Afterwards though, we got our “Happily Ever After” buttons and wore them throughout the whole weekend and received more congratulations than I could have ever imagined. The weekend was abolutely perfect and I couldn’t have dreamed of feeling more like a princess than I did. It’s also important to mention, Justin isn’t the biggest fan of Disney World but he knows how in love with Disney I am and how much it all means to me. Despite his attitude towards it, he gave me the proposal I had always wished for and made certain my fairytale weekend was nothing short of everything I dreamed of. I am so lucky to have found someone who always strives to make me happy.

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