Chelsea and Justin

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How We Met

Our story is a little funny because we’ve technically “met” before we actually met. I was actually married at the time with two sons and was working as a promotional model. A good friend of mine owned the promotional company and shed use Justin as her photographer/videographer a lot for model shoots or promotional stuff. Justin actually shot me for a boat shoot but he had his girlfriend with him and I was happily married at the time.

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Fast forward 2 years later and I’m going through a split with my husband and Justin is single, about to move to California. We started talking while we were waiting for work to start and we couldn’t stop talking. I gave him my phone number and we literally couldn’t stop talking after that. We debated on even trying to start anything since he was moving to Cali and I was obviously stuck in MO with my two kids. Thankfully we worked through it, he moved back to MO about 5 months later and we’ve been obsessed with each other since. ;)

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how they asked

We love to travel so we had discussed getting engaged somewhere besides our home state. We booked a trip to New York. This was my first time ever visiting and Justin’s 2nd. A childhood best friend of mine lived there so we stayed with him during our trip. Justin worked with my friend, Josh, to setup the proposal. He tricked me because he made a big deal about Thursday night; stating he was so excited and couldn’t wait for the surprise he had for me etc. I thought that was for sure the night he was going to propose. Thursday comes and goes, it was a great date night but he did not propose so I was thrown off his trail. He booked a cruise in the river in NY on July 4th. We had VIP tickets and two friends of ours who are in the film industry also attended with us.

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They took pictures and filmed the experience. During the firework display, Justin finally proposed at the perfect time. :)

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