Chelsea and Julius

How They Asked

On the day he proposed, we had a day planned for preg-testing our cows. I should have known something was up when he brought me breakfast in bed but I had no idea what was coming! Our mutual friend, Tayla, told us she would help us so I picked her up before heading out to meet Julius where we keep the cows. She asked me if I wanted to change my shirt to just a plain tank top since it was going to be hot out that day, but not knowing what was going to happen that day, I kept my wore out cut-off shirt on.

His sister, Jesi, also joined us with her two baby boy’s to take some pictures of our fancy heifers that have been artificially inseminated and bred to look the best. So once again, I was clueless that she was there to capture our engagement! As we finished up the last cow Julius had brought a bag of cow cake over so we could give them all their treats before we headed home.

Chelsea's Proposal in In a pasture in Lewistown, Montana.

His sisters older son is just overjoyed by the “moos”, so I was also very excited to help him cake the cows. Not wanting to ruin the surprise, Jesi asked if her son could sit with Tayla so she could take some pictures of Julius and I feeding the cows. So, here I am taking handfuls of cake out of the bag and giving to the cows. In between handfuls, Julius puts the shiny wooden ring box into the cake bag for me to find, but because I was having so much fun feeding the cows I didn’t even see it in the bag!

Where to Propose in In a pasture in Lewistown, Montana.

As I’m turning away with another handful of cake I see him drop to down to one knee. I turn to the cows and all that I could say was “Oh. My. God!” When I turned to him he asked me if I would please be his wife! Of course, I said yes after some crying! It was definitely a unique day and I’m so thankful for how it all fell together! Next July 18th I will be Mrs. Frehse!

Marriage Proposal Ideas in In a pasture in Lewistown, Montana.

Special Thanks

Jesika Ayers
 | Photographer
Tayla Snapp
 | She helped Julius make sure the day went as planned without me finding out!