Chelsea and Joshua

How We Met

We had talked for a couple weeks before officially meeting in May of 2011 at a mutual friends Memorial Day cookout. We seen each other there all night, but it took a while for us to actually start talking, you can say we were both pretty shy at the time. Josh finally came up to me and asked how my night had been going. Me, all giddy, could barely talk because I had the biggest crush on Josh (yes, without even knowing him yet. Must have been the firefighter uniform). After a couple minutes of small talk, Josh left. It was already midnight and he had work the next day. A short while after, I called Josh to see if he would turn around to come pick me up. At the time, Josh had a good friend in the truck with him who had encouraged him to turn around. So he did. Josh was already about 20 minutes away when he turned back around to get me. When he got back to the cookout, I hopped into the truck. Together, we drove Josh’s friend back home. After dropping his friend off, we drove around our home towns talking, getting to know each other, and singing Dirt Road Anthem by Jason Aldean (still a song we sing to each other to this day.) We drove around for about two hours when we finally called it a night. Not because we wanted to, but because it was so late. Before even getting into my house, I texted Josh about how much fun I had that night. From that day on, we haven’t gone a single day without talking and only a couple days without seeing each other. We continued our drives throughout the back roads of our hometowns just talking. We had instantly become best friends because of how much we had in common. The two of us continue to be each other’s biggest supporters, shoulder to lean on, and better half.
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how they asked

Josh and I took our annual beach trip and this year we went to Topsail Island in the Carolina’s. Every morning around 6:00 AM I get up, make my coffee, and walk the beach for the sunrise, even if there is not sunrise due to clouds, I still go walk to take in the new day. So the night before the proposal, Josh asked if we could dress up in the morning to go take pictures with the sunrise. Thinking nothing of it since I go every morning anyways, I get ready the next day and we head out with our puppy, another couple and my little sister. Walking the beach, with one of the most beautiful sunrises I had ever seen, we snap some pictures of our friends and then one with our dog. Josh then turns me towards the ocean with his arms around my waste whispering “I love you.” He turns me back around and gets on his knee. It was such an amazing moment with the perfect sunrise behind us!

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Special Thanks

Stephanie Schafer
 | Photography