Chelsea and Joshua

how we met

We met through Josh’s second job at the time at a pizza restaurant. We had some mutual acquaintances but had never actually met each other. The pizza restaurant he worked at hosted Trivia Nights and Chelsie would go with some of her friends. As Josh would work during the Trivia Nights, he would chat with his friends and Chelsie and would even offer help with the questions even though he wasn’t supposed to. On one Trivia Night, Chelsie was leaving and she received a Facebook message before she even left the parking lot. When she checked it, she saw a message from Josh who was teasing her for not having said goodbye. Chelsie decided to sarcastically respond back and they have never missed a day talking to each other since then.

How They asked

Josh decided about 3-4 months before Chelsie’s birthday. They were going to go celebrate her birthday in Vegas with some friends and little did she know that it was actually a surprise engagement that Josh was planning with everyone. Josh was even able to talk to Chelsie’s best friend who lives in New York to fly to Vegas for the weekend.

The night of the proposal was Chelsie’s birthday and Josh and Chelsie went to a show before meeting up with all of their friends together. After the show, everyone agreed to meet at the Bellagio Fountains to watch the water show before heading out for the night. Josh and Chelsie met their friends right in front of the show since Josh had planned for them to save a good viewing spot. The group of friends pretended to get together for a group photo and as soon as the picture was about to be taken everyone stepped away and left open a spot for Josh to get down on one knee. Josh has also planned for all of the friends to be holding rose petals that they began to toss in the air as he knelt down. Josh got instantly nervous and quickly rushed asking Chelsie if she would marry him and then stood up right as Chelsie started to shake her head yes.

Special Thanks

Huntington Beach Central Park
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