Chelsea and Josh

Image 1 of Chelsea and Josh

How We Met

We met online. Our parents encouraged us, imagine that. I lived on Long Island, he lived in Connecticut. We brought two of our best friends with us on our first date… to make it less awkward, and it was less awkward. I ended up moving to Connecticut last February, after a year and a half of dating. It was the best decision I ever made.

how they asked

There was a limo, a manicure, flowers, a new dress and the most romantic proposal, ever. He treated me like the most precious gift, he always does. Everyone always says that you’ll be emotional during that big moment.. I’m not really an emotional person, but he was the only thing that I could see walking towards him that day. That’s the type of person he is – constantly putting my needs ahead of his, always making sure that I feel loved. I cannot wait to do life with my best friend and the perfect person made just for me.

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