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How We Met

We first started talking to each other the summer of 2013. Jordan heard about Chelsea from one of his patients. The patient summarized Chelsea as a girl that was in nursing school and she knew her because she was a nanny for her granddaughter. The patient just forgot to leave out one detail…Chelsea was 6 hours away in upstate New York! She also didn’t have a picture of Chelsea, so it was a little suspicious. After about two weeks Jordan started their relationship through a text message. For three weeks we would text throughout the day and call each other at night, talking for nearly 3 to 4 hours. Honestly, Jordan was waiting for MTV to show up on his front door to film a “Catfish” story because everything seemed too good to be true. Chelsea decided to surprise him one day and drove over to his house when she was visiting her home in Massachusetts and Jordan will always say it was love at first sight. As the days turned into weeks and weeks turned into months, we got to know each other via a long distance relationship as Chelsea finished nursing school. Every chance they had either Chelsea came down to Massachusetts or Jordan went up to New York.

how they asked

My Nana’s birthday was coming up after I had taken my nursing boards. For months we had planned to go to NYC for her birthday to see a broadway show and to go shopping. As Jordan and I were in the car I asked why we were going to the New York airport instead of going into the city. Jordan had told me that my mom was an hour behind us and she was going to pick us up there because the parking was cheaper than having the car parked in the city. Believing him, I went along with it and we went into the airport to grab a bite to eat while my mom was still driving to get us. As we were in the airport I heard, “Where can I help you check into?” As I got ready to say that we weren’t checking in anywhere, Jordan said “Paris”. The entire thing was a complete set up and we never were going to be staying in NYC in the first place! I asked why we were going there and Jordan said he was just so proud that I made it through an accelerated nursing program and that I passed my boards on the first try. We made the trip to Paris for the weekend and I was so excited that we were going!

As we got there we started to take a walk and we came across the famous Locks of Love bridge (Pont des Arts Bridge). I was so excited and told Jordan that we had to go look at all the locks. He suggested that we go buy a lock from one of the street vendors, but that we had to look for the perfect place to put it first. As we looked, he told me how much he loved me and how excited he was to start his life with me. He got on one knee and proposed and of course I said “Yes!”

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