Chelsea and Joe

Image 1 of Chelsea and JoeHow We Met: It all started five years ago when we were both working as servers at a Mellow Mushroom pizza restaurant in our home town. There was a female employee at the restaurant that was crushing on Joe and for some reason, went around to all the other female employees asking if they found Joe attractive. Of course I said yes, he is the most handsome man in the world!! After her survey she thought it would be a good idea to go let Joe know her results and told him “Don’t worry only Chelsea and I find you attractive.” Boy oh boy did her plan backfire on her. When he found out I thought he was attractive he was all over me like white on rice!!

We have decided to have the rehearsal at Mellow Mushroom the place where it all began!

how they asked: I want to preface this by saying he proposed on our “date day” anniversary.

It all started as weekend getaway with two other couples in Hilton Head South Carolina for our five year “date day” anniversary. After a fun filled day at the beautiful beach, pina coladas and amazing bicycle rides along the southern moss trees it was time to get ready for dinner. After we all loaded up in the truck and were headed to dinner. Joe, the groom, suggested we stop by the light house to climb to the top and check out the sunset from up there before dinner. One of the other couples said they had already been to the top of the lighthouse but would not mind looking at all the shops around. After climbing all the way to the top and looking around my friend that climbed up with us pointed out a heart in the sand on the beach below and mentioned how good of a picture it would be. We all agreed so we said that they would take one of us first and than we would come back up and take one of them. On the way down , I was complaining the whole time about how many steps it was to get all the way back up and take their picture!! After getting to the bottom we started walking toward the heart in the sand. When we turned pass the rack of kayaks and canoes, we walked up to four posts in the ground. So as anyone would I started reading the first one and it was lyrics to one of our favorite songs. There were three more posts to follow and each one had lyrics to a different one of our favorite songs. After we read all the posts we reached the heart and there was a speaker playing Justin Moore’s Till My Last Day, another favorite of ours. We stood there in the middle of the heart listening to the song and reminiscing on the past five years of our relationship and lives. After a few minuets he asked me if I had noticed what the back of the signs had said. I turned around to read them and it said “Will you marry me” on little white signs, each word attached to a different post. When I turned back around he was down on one knee with a seashell ring box that he had made and said “Chells Bells you have made me the happiest man the past 5 years, I want it to continue forever. Will you marry me?” “Yes, yes, yes!!!” After he stood up and I herd lots of cheering, I thought it was our friends we had with us that weekend. When I turned around to see who was cheering and it was both of our families who were on the boardwalk watching the whole thing!!

It was the most beautiful day.While we were out enjoying the day our families were setting up the engagement scene and making it absolutely perfect. There is no way I am ever going to be able to thank them enough. He thought about everything, he even had custom cozies made for everyone involved in the engagement to use that night! They said “The future Mr and Mrs Vasquez!”
Image 2 of Chelsea and Joe Image 3 of Chelsea and Joe Image 4 of Chelsea and Joe Image 5 of Chelsea and Joe Image 6 of Chelsea and Joe Image 7 of Chelsea and Joe Image 8 of Chelsea and Joe Image 9 of Chelsea and Joe Image 10 of Chelsea and Joe Image 11 of Chelsea and Joe Image 12 of Chelsea and Joe Image 13 of Chelsea and Joe Image 14 of Chelsea and Joe Image 15 of Chelsea and JoeHe really is the most incredible man in the world and I can’t wait to share my whole life with him.