Chelsea and Jacob's Splash Mountain Proposal

How We Met

How Jacob and I met was back when I was working with his sister. I would see him from time to time but we never were introduced to eachother. One day at work, Jacob came into the store and he was dressed very nice. I asked him if he was going on a date and he responded no. I then asked him do you want to? Jacob turned bright red and walked away. Jacob later returned to the store and we began talking. He then asked his sister for me number and the rest is history.

how they asked

Jacob and I have been dating for a little over a year and we have been ring shopping. I knew there would be only one place he would ask me and that would be Disneyland. Jacob is very impatient and I knew he wouldn’t wait any longer to ask since I already knew he had the ring. I just didn’t know what day. His family and us went to the park and his family got fast pass tickets to splash mountain. We headed off to the ride and all of his family kept saying they did not want to sit in the front. So I said fine I will. At the end of the ride you can view your pictures but ours was not up and could not be found.

Image 1 of chelsea and jacob

I was disappointed but we decided to go to another ride. I went into an adjacent store looking for a sweatshirt since I was soaking wet from the ride but had no luck. when I came back out Jacobs god mom handed me a folder with the picture inside. I opened it up to read what everyone was holding. As I put the picture down, Jacob was on one knee.

Image 2 of chelsea and jacob