Chelsea and Greg

How We Met: Greg and I have known each other for nearly 15 years having first met when we were in middle school as we shared a love for the game of golf. Taking lessons from the same swing coach alongside a group of mutual friends we knew of each other but that was about it. When we were 12 we played in a competition in Austin called “drive chip and put”, a contest for younger golfers.

We ended up being the final two to compete for a spot to move on to the regional level. Although my dad who was there will joke and say I let him win, ultimately Greg won in our putt off fair and square. To this day we often joke about it as we pass by the trophy he took home that day.

High School

We texted briefly in high school for a period of time, although my memory there is a bit hazy and Greg will deny it ever happened, I am sure they were very intelligent conversations, right?!

CollegeImage 4 of Chelsea and Greg

The next time Greg and I would cross paths was after my Junior year of college. Junior year had posed aseason of trials so when summer came I was excited to spend it with close friends.

Greg and I still shared those same mutual friends from when we were younger, two of which, (Alyssa and Seth) had been dating for 6 years at the time (holy moly!) and so Greg and I became the 3rd and 4th wheel, not to be confused as the second couple. At the time I was not looking for a relationship but Greg and I grew to be great friends.

Greg came to terms with his feelings towards me but I was content with our friendship. We spent most of the summer together enjoying the fact that neither one of us had jobs that kept us from going on the lake nearly every day.

Greg was everything I needed him to be that summer. He was a listener, a shoulder to cry on, a comedian, and most of all, a complete gentleman.

That might be one of the things I like best about him, the baby brother of two older sisters, and a dad who has been example through how he treats his mom, he was raised to be a gentleman. Don’t get me wrong, he has days that he is far from, but for the most part he has restored my faith in chivalry.

I didn’t realize how close we had actually grown until it came time to go back to school, Me to Nacogdoches, and Greg back to Lubbock, the complete opposite sides of Texas. As he helped me pack up my car the reality rang a little more true. We kept in touch as much as possible that semester, but ultimately we were living very different lives 800 miles apart.

When Christmas came we reconnected and picked up where summer left off but January came too soon and we parted ways yet again. Distance definitely makes the heart grow fonder which made May all that much sweeter.

Summer of 2012 we both had jobs this time but it was still great to be in the same city for 3 months. Our relationship evolved but I still wanted just a friendship out of Greg and he honored that.

And although we were not official (cheesy, I know), I knew one day when the timing was right that we would be together.

I had one more semester left of school and it just made sense if we were going to be so far a part that we should grow separately doing what we each needed to before I moved back to Austin in December.

Post Grad

The January following graduation we went to Lake Tahoe, he told my eager girlfriends that he would make things official then. I remember one day while on the trip he kept asking if I wanted to go on a walk and I was quite reluctant (poor thing!). Needless to say, that was the first failed attempt. Strike 1. His next plan was to ask on the mountain when we went snowboarding the next day. Things took a turn for the worse when I was laying on mountain with the go pro trying to get a good shot of his “sweet skills.” Greg caught a bad edge, skid down the mountain only to smack his face on my board.

Blood was everywhere and it was anything but the romance I’m sure he was going for. Strike 2. A couple weeks later, on January 22nd the sweet man surprised me with dinner he had made, good conversation, and it was simple and all of perfect. I could officially call Greg my boyfriend. It was a long road to get to that point but for us, it is what was right. I truly think god giggled at my timid heart and Greg’s persistent yet patient heart.

To him we thank that our paths cross when they did and how slowly it evolved into more than we initially bargained for. Slowly indeed, our families will testify to that. For a period of about a year we were often teased about our status of “just friends,” my family would refer to Greg as my “not boyfriend” but it was all in good fun.

Image 1 of Chelsea and Greg

how they asked: My obsession with pig’s dates back to my pre-k days, not exactly sure what stemmed it, but at one point it caused me to avoid the bacon/ham region. Anyways, there is an island in the Bahamas often referred to as “Pig Island” where the pigs swim…yes SWIM.

And you can pet them, feed them, and of course take a ton of pictures with them. Before the engagement Greg had taken me here one time, and I fell in love with it. Whenever I talked about that trip it was usually in regards to the pigs. When I heard we were going back to the Bahamas, that was my first though, the pigs!

The night before the proposal I had Image 5 of Chelsea and Gregbeen gawking over my friend Laura’s ring, which I do frequently, it’s just our thing, I try it on and then we stare it at on my hand and giggle. Greg has never had a problem with it, until that night.

When he saw me with her ring on he rolled his eyes and said the dreaded line “we will talk about this later.” When we discussed the situation later he was upset about the situation because he felt “I was putting a lot of pressure on him.” WELL YEAH!

Mind you this was a ploy to distract me about what was to come, and it worked. I wined to Laura that I was convinced Greg would never propose.

The next day was already my favorite day of trip as we were planning to go see the pigs. I specially picked out a pink swim suit and everything. This beach is pretty popular as people come from all over to see these swimming pigs, it really is something to see.

However, the pigs flock to those with food, so Greg’s mom loaded us up with plenty to occupy the pigs for a while.

Be it, they are not gentle. As soon as you feed them they ram you with their snout to queue you to continue to feed them, I woke up the next morning to snout shaped bruises on leg, completely worth it.

Anyways, as we were running out of food Laura had mentioned wanting to hike further into the island and we all agreed. Greg and I led the way. Greg had said he wanted to talk about our future, which we do a lot so I thought nothing of it until I heard the line “I want to spend the rest of my life with you” and so I stopped walking to find him on his knee playing with his swimsuit pocket zipper.

Image 2 of Chelsea and Greg

Part of me thought it was a joke because of what had happened the night before, I sadly don’t remember the bulk of what he said because I was in shock. I didn’t even say yes until Greg fed me the answer, at which point I realized this was no joke. Boats nearby honked their horn and I think one even yelled something about youtube, we are on the lookout ; ) We then headed back to the boat where my IN LAWS had champagne and wedding magazines and sweet letters from Greg’s sisters, it was absolutely perfect!

Image 3 of Chelsea and Greg

Photos by: Sophie Eption