A Surprise California Proposal

How We Met: Gerrit was born and raised in California, but came to school here in Dallas. We’ve always had mutual friends and some of the same business classes, but we didn’t become friends until fall 2013. This was when we began hanging out and I started to realize how interested I was in this guy. We spent six months getting to know each other, with him pursuing me intentionally, and finally went on our first date in March 2014.

how they asked: Gerrit and I both go to school in Dallas, but his family lives in California. To celebrate the first week of summer, we took a 27 hour road trip to his parents house along with our two best friends. Just a truck, four best friends, way too much junk food and the open road. One morning that week, Gerrit’s mom took me, his sister and my best friend out to a girls brunch at a little flower garden cafe. While we were enjoying our brunch, his mom asked Brittany and I what we would like to do that evening.

Since the whole family was off for the day and no plans had been made, the options were endless. I suggested we head up to a Sugar Pine Lake and have a picnic there for the evening. Well she loved the idea and it was set! Later that afternoon, we loaded up the food, kayaks and canoe then headed there in multiple cars. With some time to spare before his family arrives, Gerrit and I hopped into the canoe and took off for a little ride.

After about 30 minutes of waiting for his family to set up the BBQ, I was starting to get hungry and wondering why we weren’t going to find his family but still enjoying the time we were spending together. All of sudden, he randomly said to me “Chels, do you mind if we pull to shore? I have to use the restroom..”, so we pull over and he says that there is a really cool view point to take a picture at together.

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I step out of the canoe and we start walking through trees to get to this “view point”…. then I see it. Shaking with so much excitement and nerves, we walked towards the most beautiful cove of trees where the man of my dreams got down on one knee, and asked me to be his girl forever!

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Shaking with SO much joy and emotion, I couldn’t say yes quick enough and get into the arms of the best friend! Afterwards, we meet up with his family to celebrate and then his brother took our engagement pictures that evening. It was the most perfect day.

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Photos by Evan Ziegenmeyer