Chelsea and Eric

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Central Park, NYC

On Thanksgiving Day, we took a carriage ride through Manhattan and into Central Park. It was a beautiful sunny but very chilly day. Our carriage driver was an extremely kind Irish man named Joe. It was a perfect day and it was my first time in a New York horse drawn carriage. My fiancé (still surreal) and I were enjoying ourselves as Joe would call out sights made famous in television shows and movies. Joe told us how the fountain shot in the opening scene of Friends was up ahead. We thought that would be a perfect place to stop for a photo since Friends is Eric and my favorite show to watch together. Once we stopped, Joe happened to mention how lots of people get engaged over the bridge across from where we stopped. Eric and I both chuckled but went on to take a photo with the horse. Once we stepped in the fountain to take a picture Eric said “Joe can you take one more for us” while reaching into his pocket and getting down on one knee. Eric said “Chelsea McKenna, will you marry me?” With happy, excited tears I said yes!! We hugged, kissed then a married couple of professional photographers happened to be in the park to see and ran over to us to snap some photos. We were overjoyed, got back in our carriage to finish our ride. I couldn’t even put my glove back on I was on cloud nine admiring my new diamond ring and looking at my handsome fiancé. We met back up with his sister and parents and I called my mom and dad who were thrilled at the news! Eric had previously asked my dad for permission and explained the whole plan for the proposal. It was beautiful in every way and we’re so over the moon excited and in love. I’m the luckiest girl in the world, I can’t wait to be Mrs. Eric Sneddon.

Chelsea and Eric's Engagement in Central Park, NYC