Chelsea and Eric

how we met

We met through an online dating app. Chelsea found her way to the site through her best friend, who created her a profile after listening to her complain about being unlucky in love. Around that same time, Eric found himself having a restless night. Unable to sleep, he decided to reactivate an old account on that same site. He sent the first message and tried to connect by pointing out that we had grown up in areas that were close to each other. Two days later we jointly decided to delete our accounts and see where the conversations and connection might lead.

how they asked

The proposal is kind of a funny story. We had worked together to pick out the ring, so Chelsea knew it was coming. Eric wanted it to be perfect and was nervous to pick it out alone. It was special, and we had a lot of fun together during those design appointments. The ring itself had to be custom made and we were told that it could be a couple of months until it was complete, so the final product and the date of the proposal were still going to be a complete surprise for Chelsea. On January 31st, or NYE, we have an annual lunch date, we go out together and spend some time just the two of us during the crazy holiday rush. We had made plans to head toward Eric’s hometown of Coshocton, Ohio for lunch and to meet up with a couple of his cousins.
However, as we were heading that way the younger of the two cousins called to say that her sister had injured herself at work and needed to be taken to the hospital. The nearest one being in Dover, Ohio. We agreed that we would head that way, have lunch in the area, and meet up with them after she was discharged. Chelsea did not know at the time, but Eric had planted this made up story to get them back to a very special place. It just so happens that Chelsea and Eric had their first date in the Dover/New Philadelphia area, so they found themselves back at El San Jose. After lunch as they were getting ready to leave and go find Eric’s cousins, he asked Chelsea, “Do you know how many days it has been since we first met at this restaurant?” She did not, and kind of giggled at the random question. Eric let her know, “It had been 652 days, since our first date.” Then he pulled the ring box out of his pocket and opened it while asking, “Will you marry me?”. Chelsea started to cry, and barely choked out an answer. After a couple minutes of shock Eric asked if she might want to wear the ring. It was a great way to end the year.

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