Chelsea and Drew

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How We Met

Drew and I met through his mom whom worked at the university of Tennessee. I cheered at the university of Tenn while I attended school there. Months after graduating I received a message from her explaining to me that she had a son and explaining how she would never do such a thing and basically setting us up on a blind date. Drew Was a former minor league pitcher in the San Francisco Giants organization, and I a former cheerleader for the University of Tennessee and it would be perfect she said. Little did I know my cheer coach had known Drew and his family since drew was little and had watched him grow up. Her and I are close and I am now currently the university of Tenn assistant cheerleading coach and Drew is now the head pitching coach at Milligan college. So in a nut shell that is how we met.

how they asked

i had been coaching Tennessee Cheer all week during summer practices and it had been an extremely long day, as the head coach Joy had been out of town. She had been giving me directions all day of things that needed to be done and managed, I had talked to Drew several times that day and explained to him how tired and stressed I was and how I just couldn’t wait till I could see him later that night because we had planned that since the weekend before, little did I know I would be proposed too.

Around 7:45, Ms.Joy insisted I go with the mascot smokey to the stadium to look for Pom Pom pants for an appearance that was a must, and she seemed upset in her texted so I figured I must go even though I was coaching cheer. I knew we had an evaluator coming so I knew all was good. When we got to stadium We patiently waited for a “so called” maintanance man to unlock gate and let us in and we proceeded to the locked room I remember looking into the field and seeing nothing and going into the locker room and walking around hunting for the pants, finally Smokey found the pants and we continued to leave when our friend from out of town Sarah said she really wanted a picture on the field, and I was like ok, when we walked out of the locked room, there STOOD DREW IN the middle of the field with a heart around him made of Pom Poms.

I was in stock I was soooooo excited I could not move, or breathe. I remember him telling me to come on and I looked up at the Jumbotron and and I saw a picture of us and it said will you marry me?

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And when I finally reached him he told me the sweetest most perfect words followed by him going down on one knee, and him asking me to marry him. What was even better was my parents and his and the entire cheer was there To witness it. It was SOOO PERFECT!!!!!! I couldn’t imagine my proposal any other way!!

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All my most favorite college memories were in Neyland Stadium and now my most favorite memory of all has taken place there! I am extremely lucky. So thankful that Drews mom was able to pull off getting access to the stadium and also able to have our proposal videoed and have my family there to witness it. It was absolutely perfect.

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Special Thanks

Melanie Fritz
 | Photographer